Cristina Helena

Nothing in money terms, right? I don't believe in a world where everything we do is for money, we gotta be more than that, we just have to! I can't think of myself living just for the cause of money, we do need it, but i think we're actually starting to figure out that it is just a way, instead of the whole. I don't quite know how to answer this... Cause this exact question, questions my entire being, who i am. It's just good doing good (period). It is not a feeling you get once in your life and it fades away, you can actually get high on it and feel good about it, it's the opposite of hurting and being hurt.


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Cristina's 'getting stuff done' manifesto

  • Think
  • Do
  • Cook
  • Connect
  • Make

Restless worker, passionate about (real) causes, worked for a couple of years in social service, directing and organizing my area. Interested in changing my around, forming/and being part of a new mankind and the start of a fraternity, a real fraternity to each other.

Part of the movement for 2 years