Evan Simmers

Fundamentally, I think it is human connection that gives meaning to our lives, and therefore to live well, or to lead a flourishing life, requires us to have the ability to access this form of deep positive human interaction. Add to this that everyone is equal, and their flourishing should be weighted just as heavily as my own, and any cooperative venture which allows me to make these human connections while also promoting the ability for others to do so, seems like a pretty swell time indeed.


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Evan's 'getting stuff done' manifesto

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My name is Evan Simmers, and I am an undergraduate affiliate student from the University of Auckland, New Zealand, currently studying a Mechanical Engineering Degree and an Arts degree majoring in Philosophy and Ancient History simultaneously, at University College London.

I am extremely passionate about Virtue Ethics, and its use in developing a better way to communicate the emotions, feelings and sentiments of those geographically and temporally distant to us; the practical aim being to increase our societies' empathic awareness of, and help given to , those in need.

I am also interested in sustainability, specifically the sustainability of energy production and distribution, and the mechanical processes and innovations that allow it to occur.

Part of the movement for 3 years