Kirsty Dalton

Lets bring arts & culture to Chester! I want to contribute creatively to making the perception of this city everything it should be!


Chester member


Kirsty's 'getting stuff done' manifesto

  • Think
  • Design
  • Play
  • Do
  • Tunes
  • Write
  • Cook
  • Connect
  • Make
  • Film

I am a graphic designer from Chester. I studied in Falmouth in Cornwall, a lovely small town with heaps of culture, arts and creative folk... something that Chester needs!

I would love to get involved in creative projects in my hometown where I now live again and work!

Part of the movement for 1 year

March 2016

  • Attended a social in Chester on Thursday 31st
  • Attended the GFN in a HUB gig in Chester on Thursday 3rd