Laura Gordon


My biggest motivator is helping to do something positive and good. Not only do I enjoy it, I get excited and I get to experience 'flow'. I enjoy rising to the challenge and working with other great people to achieve something with high impact, is meaningful and we are all proud of! My definition of success is living a full and happy life full of experiences that positively impact myself and others.


Manchester member


Laura's 'getting stuff done' manifesto

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My drivers are people, projects and problem solving. I want to help people and make my bit of the world a better place for the people in it. I've got a varied background of science, marketing, recruitment, technology and startups. I love to get involved and energise groups of people into action. I believe in people and the ability to shape our own existence to be a full and engaging on. My strengths are in strategy, ideas, motivation, insights, networking, presenting, science, psychology, people, well-being, training, design, UX, experimental design, statistical analysis and providing solutions that benefit everyone.

I want to achieve something amazing with amazing people and am willing to learn the skills and knowledge and put as much time into it as needed to pull it off spectacularly.

Part of the movement for 3 years