Good for Nothing

The Discoverables are helping young people identify and develop their strengths, can we help them tell their story more powerfully?

Venture: Discoverables is a social enterprise delivering a web platform service that helps young people identify, develop and showcase their key strengths and soft skills to potential employers or investors. Founder Eugenie Teasley describes it as: For jobseekers looking to stand out from the crowd, @discoverables is a new free alternative to a CV.

Progressive organisations and freelancers, instead of posting job descriptions, can discover raw talent through the site. The service formally launches at the end of January, and is currently in alpha mode.

With close to one million young people still unemployed, and the opportunities for paid work experience narrowing, more aspiring young people than ever are facing a competitive jobs market with little to no experience. At the same time the growing sectors, such as creative, tech and entrepreneurship, have less well-trodden paths for young people to follow, but an increasing need to find raw talent.

Whatever career paths they choose, soft skills are critical for young people’s success. The connection between key character strengths, such as resilience or self-esteem, and soft skills, such as collaboration or time-management, is rarely taught explicitly or consistently in schools.

Discoverables takes a gamified approach to enabling young people to prove and improve the strengths and skills that can significantly increase well-being, success and fulfilment both in work and in life. Initially targeting marginalised young people in areas of high youth unemployment, the aim is that Discoverables will develop and showcase the talents of thousands of young people across the country. The project is run by Eugenie Teasley, founder of aspirations agency Spark+Mettle, a youth charity that helps people flourish.

How discoverables works

Young people who register for the site will have their own profile where they can showcase their strengths and skills through the missions and challenges they’ve completed. There are three types of tasks set: Go Pro briefs set by employers; self-directed skills challenges to improve key employability skills; and set missions to demonstrate core character strengths.

Within three days of going live, over 100 young people set up profiles on the site, and hundreds more have taken the initial survey.

The Challenge

The Discoverables site is launching on 30 January. Their biggest challenge is to spread it and get as many young people and employers registered and using it. They need specific support with the following:

Develop a communications strategy for both young people & employers

  • Articulate what the site aims to achieve more powerfully & succinctly
  • Create web film of young people’s experiences (success stories) of using the site to build human interest & engagement
  • Identify and compile a hit list of forward thinking organisations who might be interested in using the service, setting brief challenges via Go Pro or becoming partners
  • Get in touch with them if you can!
  • Develop web engagement tools to create a buzz around Discoverables

Build a critical mass of users

  • Challenge -> Create a way to get 1000 young people registered on the site by launch date on 30 January
  • Create an engaging offline package of support for enterprises working with young people.

Develop ideas to help make Discoverables self-sustaining

  • The website will always be free for young people to use and free for employers to browse people’s profiles.
  • So how can we find smart ways for Discoverables to sustain itself financially?
  • Explore and prototype a freemium model, pay per successful placement etc.

How can I help?

You can make a start on this challenge simply by contributing ideas, or get stuck right in and share your work with the community here. Login or join the movement to get started!