BrandHack: a turbo 1 day brand sprint with Year Here

September 13th, 2019 09:30 → September 13th, 2019 17:30

Idean UK, Victoria House, Unit 1-1, 1 Leonard Circus, London EC2A 4DQ
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On Friday 13th Sept we're going back to school with a small but perfectly formed crew of diverse doers - our goal: to put some hack into Hackney with 4 new ventures fresh out of the Year Here Incubator.

Year Here is an intensive social innovation incubator based in Hackney, and this will be our 3rd one-day turbo sprint with them

Expect an 8 hour experimental sprint in brand hacking...

We've got 4 brand new "baby ventures and their founder teams coming along, each tackling really complex and challenging social problems in London.

One thing that unites them is that all need a blast of branding love, new stories, new logos, names, pitches - in short, a brand make-over.

We're looking for a mix of people to come and spend a Friday gifting them some creative love. You'll get to hear from and work direct with the founders and with other folks from across the creative industries.

It's a great opportunity to meet new people, use your skills as well as learn new ones, work in a fast self-organising and collaborative way against a 5pm deadline in small teams.

By that time we'll get to pitch each new ventures' brand/story to the whole group and collectively hope to give them what they need to secure partnerships, funding and other resources. These are real ventures being formed at the moment, so this kind of creative support is invaluable at this super early stage...

There'll be coffee, tea, lunch, tunes and maybe a post-gig trip to the local pub to celebrate once we've cracked the challenge :-)

If that sounds like fun, please sign up and spread the word.

P.S. we're always on the hunt for partners and sponsors so if you'd like to back the gig and/or support Good for Nothing mail us at [email protected]. We're doing this experiment for nowt so all help is welcome e.g. sponsoring or providing lunch or drinks, putting on coffee/tea or even offering up a few of your creative teams to come and play, please let us know

Been 'n' gone

This gig's over but check out the calendar for the next one.

What to expect .... a cracking short film made recently by the Sydney chapter

How we roll...

Doing not talking...

It's not that hard to talk clever and think big; there's an over-supply of that in our world. Yet there are so many problems that need a bit of do. Roll up your sleeves and fail gloriously. Good for Nothing is all about permission to have a go, get involved, participate and try stuff.

Collaborate and experiment...

Where real diversity and openness is welcomed, where we let go of power and control, where we self-organise and allow ideas and energy to emerge more naturally and where we prototype and learn together.

Support the true innovators...

We give creative energy, ideas and skills to the innovators trying to make positive change happen. The most exciting social innovation is happening at the grass-roots, pioneers working with very limited resources. We support them to accelerate epic change and impact.

The challenges

Telescope Storytelling


For Telescope

Critic's Club Storytelling


For Critics Club

Square Circle


For Square Circle

Untold Storytelling

For Untold

Thank you to our Friends

  • Year Here
  • Idean

Who was there?

  • Stephen Molloy
  • Caetana
  • Calliope Georgousi
  • James Brindley
  • Jamie Samman
  • Carlos Ruiz
  • Suzie Baldwin
  • Louisa Saddington
  • Michael Solomon
  • Catherine
  • Matt Guy
  • Sam Furness
  • Jim Holt
  • Dan Burgess
  • tansy drake
  • Stephen King