Good in a Cafe for Find a Cure

November 27th, 2013 18:30 → November 27th, 2013 21:30

Hot Numbers, Gwydir Street, CB1 2LJ
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Been 'n' gone

This gig's over but check out the calendar for the next one.

We are Good for Nothing Cambridge! We're back fresh from learning the Good for Nothing way at Camp Nothing. Join us for the very first Cambridge gig when we will be helping the amazing charity Find a Cure, who are a health venture needing help creating a kick ass crowdfunding campaign.

Anyone can join in, it's free and we won't ask you to make a huge commitment. We need crowdfunding aficionados, social media gurus, strategists, graphic designers, thinkers, crafters and more - if you think you have something to contribute, we need you!

Here's what to expect at our first gig:

Divide and conquer - choose a challenge and get into a group quickly then subdivide into smaller tasks

Move on when you're no longer useful and find another group to bring your skills to - no offence taken!

Get stuff done - take real concrete action to make a difference to a venture in one evening

Have fun! Share skills, ideas and make a difference - while having a laugh, supping your favourite brew and maybe even enjoying a little cake. Hot Numbers roast their own coffee and it's darn tasty too.

Here's a bit more about our venture, Find a Cure:

Findacure is a charity that raises awareness and funds research into rare diseases. One of their key aims is to re-frame rare diseases so that they are seen for their potential to advance our understanding of medicine and help us discover potential new treatments - not just for the rare diseases themselves, but for common diseases too. Key to this re-frame is a change in terminology - so that rare diseases become fundamental diseases. Find out more on the charity's website here including co-founder Nick's TEDx talk at Imperial College.

Findacure needs our help to create a kick-ass crowdfunding campaign that will raise both awareness and integral finance for this brand new charity. The focus will be on putting together a comms strategy, considering use of video, developing rewards and perks, and clever engaging methods of creating advocates.

We can't wait to see you and start getting stuff done!

See you soon!

Al, Fiona, Helen, Lou, Mel and Adam


Pssst! You can sign up for this gig either by hitting the attend button from this page or head over to the Eventbrite page. Either way will get you through the door on 27 November!

Who was there?

  • Gill James
  • Johnnie Moore
  • Antony Quinn
  • charlotte
  • Alison Nimmo
  • Marie
  • Lou Greenwell
  • Dipak Mistry
  • Dan Spencer
  • Flóra Raffai
  • Danny Garden
  • Lou Shackleton
  • Helen Morris
  • Alasdair North
  • Lou Shackleton
  • Mel Findlater