Andy Sontag

I think it is a fantastic way to support social innovators. It is fun and effective. I would love to connect with inspiring people and do shit that matters!


Stockholm crew


Andy's 'getting stuff done' manifesto

  • Think
  • Design

I live for good conversations! I want to create a world where everyone is supported by business and organizational structures that help them to reach their human potential.

Achieving results through others by providing direction, organization, inspiration, communication and motivation. Leading by example and making decisions self-assuredly, collectively and decisively. All leadership comes from self knowledge.

Change Management
Initiating, designing and leading processes and strategies for change. I have been educated in process leadership, facilitation and intrapreneurship, aiming at developing and empowering people, organizations and communities. I have an aptitude for coaching individuals interested in exploring their challenges from new angles.

Business Communication and Social Media
I work to bridge the gap between your business strategy and brand. I use social media to as a tool to build meaningful relationships.

Project Management
Project management and leadership through creative and innovative processes and techniques ensuring tailored solutions, outcomes and the steps for their implementation or role out.

Business Design
Initiate, design and start up a business or an NGO. KaosPilots are educated within entrepreneurship, innovation, business development and strategy with emphasis on the value and importance of creative networking.

Relational Experience Design
Design with the intention of building relationships. I am devoted to developing an understand and teaching the design of meaningful experience for others. I have co-created a unique framework for the design of experiences to build relationships.

Idea and Concept Development
Developing processes that create and stimulate values, dreams and challenges into potential solutions through own and others creativity that can be refined and implemented.

Part of the movement for 10 years

March 2014

February 2014

December 2013

November 2013

  • Helped organise a social in Stockholm on Wednesday 13th