Emily Monsell-Holden

I am a brand strategist with close to two decades' experience in Brand, Marketing and PR. I specialise in helping organisations simplify what their brand is about, so that the entire business can use it as a tool to improve, grow and offer the right kind of experience to attract customers. Not just Marketing teams. I'm also a food and wine lover, gardener, forager, wild swimmer and occasional board-treader at The Chesil Theatre. I live in Winchester, Hampshire, and joined Good For Nothing to support great causes and partner with enthusiastic, talented local pros.


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Emily's 'getting stuff done' manifesto

  • Think
  • Write
  • Make

I love detangling complexity - connecting the dots and inspiring people with simple actions. Food, drinks, people, travel and nature all float my boat, and my useful skills include interviewing, holding workshops, project management, copy writing and presenting.

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February 2023