Femtastic @ Good For Nothing Stockholm

Vanessa Marko tells her story of how Femtastic experience Good For Nothing and what it gave them.

The idea of having twenty people in a room helping me out with my business was both catchy, and scary. It made me think a lot... I started to think about what people I wanted there and what magic was gonna happen, why that people would spend a whole weekend with work, and if it was crazy of me to even ask them? But when i called people they all thought that this Good For Nothing was a great concept! A creative and interesting way of networking, learning and teaching at the same time.

The Brief was an important and challenging part of the process. The brief was about the needs of Femtastic - what challenges do we have to work with? It was personally challenging because of all questions that popped up in my head; ”Am i going to talk about the problems of my company?”, ”Am i going to tell stories of how we work to people i don't know, or don't know if i can trust?”, “Are we going to follow a path where we can't go back?”, ”Am i gonna ask people to work a whole weekend for nothing?!”... In this fase I got a lot of support from Yannick and Susanna in GFN. They told me to focus on the brief and took responsibility for the rest like inviting people, process leading, creating creative space etc.

So I created a presentation of the two “platforms” or “legs” of Femtastic:

  1. Being a broad and wide membership based organisation. With the aim of inspiring young women and girls to do music and claim space

  2. Being a label. A commercial company that aims to create space for women in urban culture through clubs, event management, pr and production.

I talked about how we started, why we do this and who we are. I talked about the circle that surrounds the idea of working with both youth and big artists, the movement and the strength/weakness of being political and commercial at the same time.

When Friday evening came we all gathered and were a great crowd!!! Experts in design, law, music business, organization development, economy, project leading and production, process and also people from our crew Femtastic that knows our way of handling things. I couldn't believe this beautiful mix! And also that people came back saturday morning ready to build. Some great stuff that came out of this creative workspace was:

A plan for membership, value for members and solutions for website and web community. How we can connect studio time, rehearsal, music, communication, platform for youngsters, democracy. See pictures and video below

A business plan for the company and further label Femtastic. What segments, needs, services, values etc we have within the brand and network.

Clear communication externally and internally through tools of working with the board of femtastic, the organization, our channels like homepage/youtube/twitter/facebook and through important words that manifest what femtastic is - both in statues of the association and in contracts with artists, collaborators etc

It was a nice decision to stay at our (femtastic and gfn) common office in Stockholm where we felt safe and relaxed. Femtastic arranged a small stage with live music, Dj and an inspiring lecture of Femtastic. GFN arranged food and beverages, hosting the crowd and inspiring with information about Good For Nothing.

Saturday evening when we were going to close down the show, people stayed for hours just chatting, hanging out, continuing work and networking. Femtastic got some new members and everyone were promised a VIP-invitation to the next event of Femtastic.

As a main character in all this, I have to say that I learned A LOT and that I quickly turned the feeling of having A LOT in my lap to a big motivation. I reached out to my board immediately and got great response and feedback. We all gathered the week after and got our seriousness together. Where we stand right now we feel united, strong, able and even got resources to work with through an application that gave Femtastic economical support for a great european exchange! I have been talking to many people from the GFN-event afterwards and got continuous help with our statues, the internal democracy and the business plan. Im so happy and grateful for the people that wanted to help out and give from their energy without getting anything in return. The joy of giving and contributing is bigger than money and it made me feel happy and hopeful for humanity :) I will keep on helping the people around me that I am helping, and keep on loving it.

Peace Out / Vanessa

See the presentation of Femtastic on youtube below (not official yet) as well as some sketches of the business plan and webplatform.

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