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Venture: Bloom Six

What do we do?

Bloom Six offer a training programme to teaching assistants within alternative provision schools.

Students who attend these schools have often been excluded from mainstream schools and statistics show they have poor life outcomes.

They work with TA’s, who often have the closest relationship with students and the most 1:1 contact time, to deliver a more student-centred approach to career and life guidance.

They also help schools develop partnerships with local businesses and organisations so that students will have increased access to a wide range of real-world learning opportunities.

They are currently prototyping their toolkit through a series of workshops and are working towards delivering a longer-term pilot programme with a school.

What we need help with?

1. Brand

We have a basic logo but would like help in developing a brand that better articulates their mission – to improve excluded students life outcomes by putting them and their interests, motivations and skill sets at the centre of the learning experience.

We want to appeal to schools in an exciting way but still be seen as serious. In terms of positioning, we want to be seen as ‘innovators’ within the sector.

2. Online presence

They would like to have a simple landing page for our venture with a clear customer proposition statement to schools and copy that brings to life our offer – something that brings to life what we do in a simple and engaging way.

We want to communicate the impact of their programme on students, bringing to life the idea that every young person should be given the opportunity and environment to flourish.

3. Sales deck template

We would like to have a sales deck that can be sent to schools that explains how they are different to other training providers and gives senior leaders in schools the confidence that the Bloom Six programme can add value to their school.

A key element of this would be how they visualise their curriculum. Our customers are likely to be those open to innovation / willing to try something new.**


Existing assets

Basic branding (Logo)

Instagram @wearebloomsix

How can I help?

You can make a start on this challenge simply by contributing ideas, or get stuck right in and share your work with the community here. Login or join the movement to get started!