The good for nothing movement is growing through local chapters

Networks of smart folk are hatching their own versions in cities across our awesome planet.

Nimble cells of do-ers, hosting rapid creative collaboration gigs and local experiments.

All with the learnings, love, support and mentoring from the Good for Nothing mothership. If you're interested in starting a chapter, keep on reading.

Starting your own chapter

You'll need a crew

You'll need a crew, you won't be able to do this on your own. Two or three buddies is perfect. Good for Nothing is about diversity and lots of flavours.

Ideally to start you'll have a design and communications flavour, a coding and tech flavour and a strong dose of social innovation & sustainability within your chapter crew. This mix we find can be explosive.

  • You'll be Do-ers of some sort, creators, tinkerers
  • You'll like ideas
  • You'll be well connected in your city
  • You'll know how to reach out to different networks
  • You'll be ok with 'blagging' stuff – asking for contributions
    of space, food, drinks and swag
  • You'll like to get things done
  • You’ll also like music (we love 4/4 beats ) parties and having a laugh.

There are two ways to get started

Find a pub or cafe, pick a date, invite do-ers and interesting folk from your city. Show and share the Good for Nothing films and how it works. Find out who’s up for it. Form your chapter and go for it.

Big 24 or 48 hour gigs can be ace, but you can sometimes get just as much energy pumping from an evening gig in the pub. If you're up for a full on day or weekender they can take a bit of organising... but they are rollercoaster learning journeys where you meet loads of smart folk and cool things happen to you.

If you're still interested in starting GFN in your hood, drop us a line here and tell us why – we'll be in touch to set up a Skype call

Call the mothership