Good for Nothing

Can we create a creative learning and writing space for Brighton's children?

Our project is based on the business and delivery model developed by 826Valencia (United States) and adopted by the Ministry of Stories (East London), whichcombines delivery of creative writing and literacy activities with a shop selling unique products.

In London, a ‘monster supply shop’ leads, via a secret door, to a space for writing workshops and homework help. The Ministry of Stories is funded by the Arts Council, by trusts and foundations, corporate sponsors and private donors – including various high profile writers including co-founder Nick Hornby – as well as by income generated by the shop.

We will replicate this model in Brighton & Hove with ‘Green’s Pet Emporium’, a commercial shop front located around the London Road area of the city, selling food and supplies for imaginary and extraordinary pets, with a creative learning space at the back (Little Green Pig Writing Project) which will be open to schools for workshops, and children and young people after school and at weekends.

Costs will be kept to a minimum as the project will rely on a team of volunteers to staff the shop, assist at writing workshops and help with other duties. We will provide valuable volunteering opportunities and training for local community age 16+.


Our project will take an enterprising approach, based on a sustainable business model – the shop willgenerate income to fund the writing workshops, and we will also seek funds from private donors, corporatesponsors, trusts and foundations and the Arts Council. The project aims to inspire more innovativeapproaches to a public and private funded model.

Social need

We want children and young people in Brighton and Hove to be inspired by creative learning and writingand we believe we need a new approach to make this happen. There is a significant gap both in and out-of-school creative learning and writing development for children and young people, and particularly for primaryage children within our city.

Green’s Pet Emporium takes an innovative approach to addressing this gap, our imaginative storefront being an attractive gateway for young people who otherwise might not engage with writing. Once inside the creative learning space will inspire and motivate children and young people to write. We’re really excited about bringing and developing a relatively new model, established in the United States and London to Brighton.

The Brief - Part 1

We need products we can sell in the shop - not just any products but products for imaginary pets. As ataster here are some ideas we’ve received from some young people we’ve worked with:

  • Tiger Sandwich paste (strawberry jam)
  • DoDo Crunchy bites (toffee popcorn)
  • Dinosaur wee (lemonade)

The products don’t have to be food, but can be anything an imaginary pet might need.

We need you to come up with ideas and design the products, what would they look like, smell like, feel like. Can you help bring them to life for us?

The Brief - Part 2

We want help with some fundraising ideas. We’re going to need something high profile and creatively dynamic which we can do regularly or annually to deliver funds for the project.

  • Can we create a fundraising plan that we can use over the course of 2013 and beyond?
  • How might we use crowdfunding as part of our fundraising? Can we to set up and launch a crowdsourcing page over the weekend?

The Brief - Part 3

To support our promotional activity we need a short inspirational promotional film to promote what we do. Wouldn’t it be fun to create it in one weekend? How creative is that! Some examples:

...and another one we like: [](

We can provide some young people on the day to participate to help bring it to life and need film-makers and people who can design and animate to make it happen.

How can I help?

You can make a start on this challenge simply by contributing ideas, or get stuck right in and share your work with the community here. Login or join the movement to get started!