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Curiosity Club Storytelling

Venture: Curiosity Club

What do we do?

Curiosity Club works with deprived inner-city schools to motivate some of their most disengaged students.

Our goal is to inspire a generation of curious, proactive and inspired young people, equipped with the tools, confidence and creativity they need to build successful futures for themselves.

We target secondary students who have barriers to their confidence and communication, and improve these behaviours and skills through the guise of investigating something they’re curious about.

Participants are provided with a toolkit based around five Curiouscharacteristics; Introspection, Communication, Confidence, Courage, and Gratitude, preparing them for a real-world meeting with an Expert they’ve chosen who is willing to guide them further along their journey of Curiosity.

We believe the opportunities for us all to thrive are within reach. With Curiosity Club students discover their abilities by exploring their curiosities, creating an empowered generation of auto-didactic and confident youngsters who become pioneers of their destinies.

What we need help with?


Expanding on Curiosity Club as something for adults - building a tone / language that is more grown-up.

Deciding whether Curiosity Club is just for girls (for now) and why that’s OK


Clarifying the outcomes and benefits of Curiosity Club. Would like to have a stronger sense of what the tangible goals are.

Pitch / Slide Deck

Having a clear visual accompaniment for when we meet with schools / present to funders that explains the story and the outcomes.

Existing assets





How can I help?

You can make a start on this challenge simply by contributing ideas, or get stuck right in and share your work with the community here. Login or join the movement to get started!