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What do we do?


EVERYBODY is a social enterprise connecting families of kids with learning disabilities to have everyday fun, in everyday places, alongside everybody else.

(And/or) Creative inclusion consultancy and audience development for the arts and culture sector


We believe that better participation for these extraordinary kids together with their ordinary folk not only leads to inclusion but richer cultural experiences for everybody.


We host bespoke ‘EVERYBODY days’ at cultural venues – bringing our families together as part of everyday audiences. Our toolkit of interventions supports those with difficulty understanding and communicating to engage, using strategies from inclusive education combined with insights from lived experience to address the family experience as a whole.


Founded by Aviva Leeman, an artist and arts professional with over 15 years’ experience in public arts and art education, EVERYBODY draws on both her broad understanding of the sector and her experience as a parent to a child with additional needs and advocate for inclusion.

Why Now

2018’s Cultural Inclusion Manifesto is gaining traction, and Arts Council England strategy for 2020-30 will draw on its ‘Creative Case for Diversity’. Our event-based model gives a short sharp insight into how inclusion can work – demonstrating good practice onsite with live audiences and building confidence as well as awareness.

What we need help with?

1. Brand

Am fairly attached to the brand concepts already developed (the banner logo / blue sky) but interested to see how it might be reimagined – perhaps using hand-drawn elements?

It also needs to be expanded as a logo suite to make it more versatile across a range of platforms – the long name, wide format and detail have made this tricky.

It is challenging to visually refer to concepts of inclusion and learning disability– especially with the aim to differentiate from the charity/support sector (sono hands / globes / hearts / wheelchairs!)

EVERYBODY should feel more like a members’ club or community than a support organization or ‘special needs resource’.

Keywords: creative, cool, fun, accessible (‘ours’), aspirational!

There’s more inspiration from across the pond, eg and

2. Online presence – with a particular focus on articulation

The brand needs to speak to three target audiences/clients, and it’s challenging to articulate the business consistently – wording and tone – across all three:

a. families (importantly, including children)

b. organisations that support families (usually charities)

c. the arts and culture sector (a broad range of museums, galleries, theatres, music venues, cinema, festivals – large and small /local and national / publicly-funded and private)

It’s possible to make different versions of marketing materials for specific purposes but the website needs to be a single point of call, bringing together both ‘community’ and ‘consultancy’ elements. It should distil what we do simply, and this wording right will also help with ‘elevator’ pitching.

The site currently just a landing page and an ‘expression of interest’ form, but in the long-term it will become the basis for our community, potentially with forum functionality, listings, resources, a shop-space etc.

I’m not yet ready to invest in it but would like to think about what it might be at this point, so I can start using it to build my family membership-base.

3. Funding deck/pitch

The skeleton of the pitch is there but it feels like there is a disjunct between my humorous, moving personal story and the ‘business’ bit.

How can I bring these two elements together better and still include all the content necessary for a pitch (problem, solution, market, differentiators, team, business model)?

Either by thinking about the script or the deck.

Existing assets


Twitter @joinEVERYBODY

Also available

a. the Crowdbacker pitch deck

b. Crowdbacker pitch script

c. A flyer targeted at the arts and culture sector

How can I help?

You can make a start on this challenge simply by contributing ideas, or get stuck right in and share your work with the community here. Login or join the movement to get started!