Good for Nothing

How can we create stronger hyper-local Lambeth neighbourhood networks?

Challenge partner: Lambeth Council

The Street Friends project aims to bring residents together so they can be more active in their immediate neighbourhoods.

One way we think we can do this is to appoint ‘Street Friends’. These are individuals who take an active interest in what their neighbourhood looks like and the services the Council provides to keep neighbourhoods safe, tidy and clean. From our Community Freshview programme, we know that where neighbours talk to each other, take an interest in issues such as waste collection, and work together to improve the look of their street, the physical area improves, crime goes down and cohesion grows.

Street Friends is still at the conceptual stage. We want to explore: - What would encourage people to take more interest in where they live, or to become a Street Friend? - What tools do residents need to improve their neighbourhood? - How can we use this to improve the relationship between the council and residents?

The challenge

The challenge is to help improve the lives of residents through building stronger, more resilient local communities through the Street Friends scheme. We want to empower residents to take ownership of their street and improve them. In order to do this we need to consider:

  • Diversity - How do we make this project appeal to Lambeth’s diverse population and engage with people who do not normally get involved with the council? and how can we accommodate all the different types of communities that exist in Lambeth?
  • Incentives - What can we do to encourage groups and individuals to interact each other and with the council? What are the incentives, and what can we do about the disincentives?
  • Tools – What needs to be in the introduction pack for a new Street Leader?
  • Communication – How can the Street Friends communicate with the council, with each other and with their neighbours? Considering diversity?
  • Recruitment – How do we promote this project and engage people in it? What branding should this have?

How can I help?

You can make a start on this challenge simply by contributing ideas, or get stuck right in and share your work with the community here. Login or join the movement to get started!