Good for Nothing

How do we highlight and communicate the growing urgency and systemic issues around food waste in more creative, engaging ways?

FareShare South West is an independent franchise of the national charity, FareShare.

We work with the food industry to minimise fit-for-purpose fresh, frozen and long-life food going to waste, and send this food into organisations working with the most vulnerable people in the community. Thousands of tonnes of perfectly good in-date food are wasted in the South West each year due to packaging errors, out of date promotions, discontinued lines, veg not up to spec. and so on. At the same time, there are over 4 million people in the UK who cannot afford a healthy diet, among them homeless and elderly people, children, refugees and people suffering mental & physical health problems.

FareShare South West aims to address this imbalance by redistributing quality surplus food to groups working with vulnerable individuals in and around Bristol.

The full brief is here and the headlines are below...

Feeding the 5000

On Saturday, June 1, thousands of people will converge on Bristol's College Green to enjoy a free lunch and to highlight the issues of food waste and food poverty in the South West. Now in its second year in Bristol, Feeding the 5,000, sees top local chefs cooking up a free feast using perfectly good ingredients that would normally be wasted.

The event is organised and hosted by FareShare South West in partnership with Feeding the 5,000 – two charities leading the campaign against food waste. Both organisations work to highlight the rapidly growing number of people in the South West who live in food poverty and the quantity and quality of food thrown away by the food industry.

As part of the Feeding the 5,000 event, participants will be asked to sign a petition calling for local businesses and government to work towards making Bristol the first city where all surplus food is used for its purpose. Supported by local government and the Mayor, George Ferguson, the petition calls for food businesses in the South West to take “urgent action” and to do the “moral and ethical thing” with their surplus food.

*The Big Challenge *

Highlighting the growing urgency and systemic issues around food waste.

How can we communicate this issue to consumers more creative and in engaging ways - through film, infographics, visualisations, animations?

How can we communicate and spread the urgency of the issue?

How can we create content and stories that people can share?

How can we use the event as a market research exercise to guide our future public activities and campaigning?

Challenge #1

How can we build on the energy of the Feeding the 5000 event - to develop and create

communications, films, interviews and more around the activities at the event - ready for promotional use to tell the story.

How can we capture the event, creating shareable content that adds weight to the event's messaging?

How do we develop and record the ‘real time’ story and document the Feeding 5000 event through ‘live’ communications - utilising tools such as Twitter, Facebook, Vine, Bambuser, Storify, AudioBoo

Challenge #2

How can we record and develop all this activity around the Feeding the 5k event into a

coherent story and document/website?

How can we then host and disseminate this content post-event?

Challenge #3

How can we develop a communications tool to help FareShare to spread our message within

the community. To help shape our ideas and co-create with the local community in the SW.

How can we develop some market research at Feeding the 5000.

How can we drive people to spread the word and sign the petition?

Specific Needs

Develop a set of clear visuals or an animation or storyboard illustrating the work

FareShare SW.

Develop clear copywriting tone and set of statements to communicate the work

of Fareshare SW.

How can I help?

You can make a start on this challenge simply by contributing ideas, or get stuck right in and share your work with the community here. Login or join the movement to get started!