Good for Nothing

How do we spread the word about Hafan and improve our service through technology?

Venture: Hafan

Hafan is a supported housing association for vulnerable women with babies or young children. Despite being a small team, we're able to offer a wide range of support to our service users.We'd really like Good for Nothing to help us with making our services better known to other 3rd sector organisations around Cardiff, and help us use technology to reduce the amount of time we spend bogged down with paperwork - so we can spend more time engaging with our service users.

Brief #1: How can we build a presence on the web that's easy to maintain?

We currently have no online presence, nothing, nada. We desperately need a website which outlines our key services as well as other key information such as location and contact details. Many of our service users only have access to smartphones so we need the website to be designed with those users in mind. We also have limited staff resources, so we need a website which is easy to update and doesn't take up precious time.

  • How can we build a website which is easy to update?
  • How can we make it smartphone enabled so potential service users can find out the information they need?
  • Can we add the ability for referrals to be made online?

Brief #2: How can we generate more referrals from other organisations?

In order to maintain our current funding levels, we need to ensure a maximum occupancy rate; at present we don't have a sustainable source of referrals and this can lead to weeks where our rooms are empty.

  • How can we simplify the referral process?
  • Could we use an online form to allow other organisations and individuals to refer online?
  • How can we make other organisations within Cardiff aware of the services we offer?

Brief #3: How can we make our staff knowledge more accessible to service users?

With limited staff resources, a lot of our time can be spent simply sharing information with our service users. We don't want our staff to be the gatekeepers, we want to make it easy for tenants to access information themselves.

  • How can we make information accessible to all of our service users?
  • How can we deal with requests from our service users to ensure we're doing this in the most efficient way?

Brief #4 How can we record information on the progress of our service users?

Our residents take part in weekly sessions which aim to improve their core skills. Each service user which takes part in these sessions must fill out a feedback form, but we currently don't have a way of recording this information digitally.

  • Can we use smartphones / tablets to allow service users to record information about their own progress?
  • Can this allow staff to record complementary relevant information?
  • How can we make it easy for our staff to pull out statistics and reports?

How can I help?

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