Good for Nothing

How we scale up our ability to help Bristolians make good use of the food that they find?

Venture: Forgotten Foods

Making good use of the food that we find

Our main aim is to highlight the amount of the natural resources already growing in and around the city of Bristol.


"Forgotten Foods would like to show that there are more efficient ways to use the natural resources already found growing and available in the Bristol area"_

Andy Beck - Founder of Forgotten Foods

Our mission is:

• to show that we have an abundance of edible resources here within the boundaries of the City (and which are currently underused)

• to provide a local, ‘Green’, sustainable source for the food chain of Bristol, redistributing Bristols food resources to the people of Bristol

• to educate the younger generations (and some of the old!) about the importance of caring and understanding the local environment. Highlighting the rewards for themselves and their local community.

The idea started when Andy noticed all the wasted apples growing from trees in the city

and left to rot. Frustration. Stupidity. Ignorance. These were some of the initial thoughts

but a silver lining began to shine. He now forages from public spaces, has begun to

supply restaurants, like the Watershed, within the city. He has been out selling (and giving away), at street level, to the public. He has spoken with some local charitable businesses (i.e. soup kitchens) about providing them with free fresh produce. Andy is in advanced talks with North Somerset Council to work in partnership with them to sustainably manage two sites around the outskirts of Bristol.

Currently we are establishing our specialist food supplier branch of the project. Forgotten Foods offers many products that you simply will not find in a supermarket or from the wholesalers. Our food has not travelled half the world, we have not created a carbon footprint, and we are utilising food would have been left to waste otherwise!

It is a simple idea that grows and grows.

The full brief is here, headlines are below...

The Big Challenge

We are a start-up so there is a lot to do - this means we are open to ideas, inspiration and a lot of help!

Having operated for a while on an individual basis (that’s me – Andy), we now

need a focused strategy, a way of communicating what we do, and a way of engaging

potential land owners, customers, and the public.

Challenge #1

_Our social business model. _

What should our social business model be? There are some great and successful examples out there such as the Abundance Project, foraging groups in London and Rubies in the Rubble? Where should we place ourselves? How do we ensure we have impact, where do we want to go and how should we organise ourselves to do that?

(It has also been mentioned that we are currently a bit close in name to Tom Hunt’s Forgotten Feast – who does brilliant work linked to our own aims – do we need to do anything about this?

Challenge #2

Our social arm.

Andy has so far registered as a Sole Trader – and on a small scale he is supplying restaurants with wild garlic, apples, blackberries, sloes, cherries, Hawthorn heads and rosemary. He is also looking to provide free supplies to local organisations benefitting the community. But, how can we develop the educational arm of the organisation, to spread the word and inspire and help other people?

Challenge #3

_Our identity. _

We don’t have a website yet but we do have a couple of graphics (designed by local graffiti artists) which we already use. We need a domain name (We did look into registering forgottenfoods.2eat), identification, help with social networking (so far we only dabble with Facebook & Twitter) – and I’m sure there is much much more, so we could really do with help here!

How can I help?

You can make a start on this challenge simply by contributing ideas, or get stuck right in and share your work with the community here. Login or join the movement to get started!