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Venture: Lemonade

What do we do?

Lemonade is a social enterprise providing support to young people who are on waiting lists for mental health services, or who do not meet entry criteria to receive clinical support.

We work with young people aged 16-22. Our offer is non-clinical, creative and co-designed with young people.

At the moment, it involves 1:1 coaching and workshops.

Coaching is for building relationships, understanding emotional triggers and inspiring young people to take control of their own mental health journey.

Workshops are for creating a safe space for young people to reflect, express themselves and cultivate a support network among each other.

We’ll use creative and interactive techniques to help young people experiment with accessing and managing their emotions. We aim to improve wellbeing + resilience, reduce loneliness, and inspire self-growth.

Young people will learn about themselves, coping methods, emotional life skills, how to navigate clinical services and more.

We will be based in educational settings/creative spaces/the great outdoors.

What we need help with?

1. We mostly need help with our brand, logo and online presence! (FYI, we would prefer not to have a lemon in the logo)

How we want it to feel for young people...

We want to be engaging, age-appropriate, creative and community-building.

We think a good fit could be similar to Livity, Galdem or Refinery 29 (but a lot more unisex).

We/young people find most mental health services to look too clinical or a bit childish - we want young people to engage in the subject of mental health as something surprisingly cool, stimulating and interesting to be part of - while still being approachable to all.

How we want it to feel for customers/partners...

Credible, legit and open enough for us to engage with multiple sectors as we’re still working on who will pay!

e.g. it’s out of education (schools or unis), health (clinical commissioning groups), or housing (housing associations).


Brand on twitter is for professional use e.g. networking

Brand on instagram will be a lot more geared to young people and community building.

2. Pitch deck

We’re yet to make a pitch deck but have passed on the presentation we used for a crowdfunding event we recently did - we will need a sales pitch deck shortly.

3. Telling our story

The problem of waiting times and strict criteria is widely publicised - how do we fit into the wider story?

e.g. by giving a more solutions-focused spin/telling our story through a creative medium?/via a campaign?

Existing assets



Instagram: @lemonade_hq

How can I help?

You can make a start on this challenge simply by contributing ideas, or get stuck right in and share your work with the community here. Login or join the movement to get started!