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Venture: Plastic Shed

What do we do?

Plastic Shed provides opportunities for people to work together in Stockport to recycle plastic waste and make useful new things.

We believe that by bringing people together to tackle the issue of plastic waste, in a meaningful and efficient way locally, we can reduce community division and social isolation.

We plan to invest in machinery, designed by Precious Plastic, which will enable us to work with local people to recycle more types of plastic waste.

We’ll have a recycling workshop fully equipped with all your usual workshop tools, where the community can make recycled plastic furniture, tiles, jewellery - the list really is endless.

There are also so many other points at which people can get involved.

We find ways for people to work together that are practical, simple and don’t ask for high levels of commitment. For example, people can take part in plastic picking walks or those who are housebound can participate in our buddy collections, putting plastic to one side at home for their buddy to collect.

By having loads of ways for people to get involved we can reach out to a diverse mix of people and bring them together with a shared sense of purpose.

What we need help with?

1. Building on the brand's visual identity

It would be great to have a collection of assets that could be used across the website and on pitch decks to tie everything together.

Keen to keep the theme in line with the Plastic Shed logo, using sketches of objects and “splashes” of colour. The aim is to keep a local community vibe along with a stylish nod to the design community.

2. Visual communication of our “model”

Would be amazing to have an image which simply and quickly explains our “theory of change”. Something we can include in funding applications but also show to local groups and individuals and post on social media occasionally.

Existing assets

@plastic_shed (twitter and instagram)

How can I help?

You can make a start on this challenge simply by contributing ideas, or get stuck right in and share your work with the community here. Login or join the movement to get started!