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Square Circle

Venture: Square Circle

What does the venture do?

We are a future work agency. We help employers learn from and hire underestimated young people. Our team of young consultants offer training on diversity and inclusion, creating connections that didn’t exist before, correcting misperceptions that exist about them and changing the world of work they are heading into.

What do we need help with?

We are eager to get your input into our brand strategy. We have spent our time developing and piloting our service offering (and are working on further iterations in order to get this right) but we would love your help creating our brand.

This could include:

  • Elevating our company values

  • Developing our guidelines

  • Formulating a clear plan for the channels that will support our urgent strategic priorities

  • A start on some of our key assets.

Whilst our service evolves, there are core principles and values we have which will not change, and we would like to use these as pillars to document our approach. (See below).



We want to attract 18 – 25 year old young people who are aware of or interested in the way that bias operates in society. We want to connect with young people leaving education, whether that be sixth form, college, or university, facing barriers to accessing jobs markets. We want to tap into their potential to create change. At the moment our focus is on young people living in Tower Hamlets due to our partnership with the local council in this area however this will broaden as we scale


We are interested in connecting with major UK employers with an existing interest in diversity. Within these organisations we will be targeting HR, D&I, Learning and Development leads as those who hold the budgets for procuring Square Circle services. The inclusion and diversity training will be delivered by our young consultants to CEOs, hiring managers, and managing partners.


We are very open to your input on any of the elements of our brand and welcome the opportunity for review. We need a messaging/ tone of voice guide that will drive all our communications, including our service standards and then a guide to using our visuals.

In particular, we would like help to design an approach for the two channels we think will best reach our identified audiences.

Talent: Instagram feed, as this in particular lends itself well to the way we want to reach and interact with young people.

Clients: LinkedIn.

Other assets we need immediately are a master slide deck we can easily work with and tailor depending on whether we are working with talent or pitching for clients.

**Square Circle mission and values


Our approach

There are many many ways for us all to have impact and create change in the world. We have created Square Circle to take one particular approach - that through engaging conversation and the chance to meet people with new perspectives, everyone can learn something that will lead to workplaces being more inclusive. This means that Square Circle learning experiences will be friendly, fun and enjoyable for everyone involved. We don’t agree with “call-out culture” because we think if people feel bad or ashamed about themselves they are not in a positive place to change their minds. Starting with strengths is powerful and this goes for employers too :)

So, we want every Square Circle learning experience to build:

  1. Empathy 2. Awareness

  2. Connections

Our values

The future of work is changing.

We are fighting for the acceptance of all identities in the workplace of the future. We don’t think young people need to change, the world of work they are heading into does.

Starting with strengths is powerful.

Our talent pool has a huge amount to offer. Our methodology is to support young people to identify and draw on these strengths in creating a positive shift toward belonging of all identities at work.

Everyone holds bias.

We think the only way to build genuine inclusion is to move to a point where we can all be more transparent about this, and can hold open conversations about it. We influence by sparking conversation and the space for people to challenge themselves. We avoid call-out culture, shaming but achieving change through a positive demonstration of how the future of work is changing for the better.

Everyone should be involved in active personal anti-bias work.

Everyone who works with Square Circle is openly driving their own personal anti-bias work. Significant time dedicated to keeping up to date with the latest bias thinking and sharing this learning. Commitment to sharing this knowhow outside SC.

Existing assets

How can I help?

You can make a start on this challenge simply by contributing ideas, or get stuck right in and share your work with the community here. Login or join the movement to get started!