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Venture: Untold

What does the venture do?

Untold runs arts programmes with people experiencing homelessness. We know that homeless people are significantly more likely to suffer from poor physical and mental health, with a life expectancy 30 years lower than that of the general population. Research shows that active involvement in arts projects can boost self-esteem and resilience, while reducing social isolation and exclusion, thereby having a profoundly positive impact on overall wellbeing.

Currently, Untold delivers film-making projects in temporary accommodation, during which participants are supported to make short, documentary-style pieces about the things that matter most to them. In eliciting participants’ interests and passions, we shift the focus away from their homelessness and towards their strengths and their authority on a range of topics. In doing so, we build the agency, confidence and self-worth that they will need in the journey towards independent living.

In the future, we are interested in expanding our arts offerings. We are currently designing a cultural programme for people who have recently secured an independent tenancy following a period of homelessness. This 10-week group programme sees participants attend a range of cultural events, and aims to reduce isolation (a common experience for those who move from hostels into their own flats), while building participants’ connections to local cultural institutions.

What do we need help with?

1. Brand

It would be good to have some professional eyes on what I’ve got so far. I quite like where I’m at, but I’d like to go further and develop a brand style guide with additional fonts & colours etc. The brand needs to reflect the creative nature of the project but also appeal to potential clients - Housing Associations and Local Authorities, for example - who won’t be sucked in by something simply arty. They want assurance that the programmes have real impact, and I think the ‘serious on impact’ side could also be communicated in the branding.

2. Online presence

I have a domain name but nothing there at the moment. It would be great to work out a page structure for website and what those pages might look like.

How can I help?

You can make a start on this challenge simply by contributing ideas, or get stuck right in and share your work with the community here. Login or join the movement to get started!