December 6th, 2017 18:30 → December 6th, 2017 21:00

Boston Tea Party, 84 Queen St, Exeter EX4 3RP
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We did an open call out for disruptive social change projects and innovative ventures to come tell the GFN community in Exeter what they are up to and off the back of that three amazing local projects were shortlisted. See what they are working on and what they need help with below... These projects are now being featured online and in the cafe for the community to vote for one project to get a three hour gig to focus on their challenges and we need your vote.

The Gig for which ever projects wins is going to be at Boston Tea Party on Wednesday 6th December at 6:30pm and will bring together Exeter's makers, do-ers, thinkers and tinkerers to help the winning project with whatever it is that they need to do good in our hood. No matter what your background and skills are, you'll be able to help!

Been 'n' gone

This gig's over but check out the calendar for the next one.

Click HERE to vote for the project you want to see receive Good For Nothing**


No More Taboo

'Period Poverty' is real and happening right here in the UK and southwest, where 1 in 5 live in poverty. Being unable to afford sanitary products is just the tip of the iceberg, we need to change attitudes towards periods and break the taboos surrounding them. We are a social enterprise providing workshops, education, training and access to reusable menstrual products (menstrual cups and washable pads) to provide sustainable solutions to tackle period poverty.

We're looking for support to help us develop our enterprise/business arm, to reach more people and to get our message out there.

For more information, see www.nomoretaboo.org

Dance for Parkinson's

A fun dance class for people with Parkinson's, and their partners or carers. Research has shown that dance and movement to rhythmical music can help improve a range of neurological symptoms often experienced in Parkinson's. The strong rhythms in the music appear to have the ability to over-ride the faulty messages sent by the brain to the muscles and create a pleasure in being able to move.

We need help with publicity to hopefully get more people to come to our weekly class in Exeter, and thereby enable us to continue with and maybe even expand the classes to different locations.

For more information, see www.danceforparkinsonsexeter.co.uk

Neighbourhood Friends

A social action support service that aims to help vulnerable people when they're coming out of hospital - helping people to come out and stay out by doing the kinds of things that friends and families would do.

We're looking for help to recruit many more Neighbourhood Friends volunteers

For more information, see www.westbank.org.uk/neighbourhood-friends

Click HERE to vote for the project you want to see receive Good For Nothing!

Thank you to our Friends

  • Boston Tea Party

Who was there?

  • Simon Bowkett
  • Sally Jackson
  • Lucy de Garis
  • Kate Ashmore
  • Suzanne
  • Kristian
  • Karen Payne
  • Cathy Towers
  • Maria
  • Phil
  • Ashley Perryman
  • Amy
  • David Riddell
  • Andy white  (pelon )
  • Jennifer Cromar
  • Helen Duff
  • Helen James
  • Tomasz Stefanski