GFN in a Pub Birthday Hack

December 4th, 2014 18:30 → December 4th, 2014 23:30

Harvest Moon Cafe Bar
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Been 'n' gone

This gig's over but check out the calendar for the next one.

Celebrating our first birthday (hip, hip, hooray!), we'll be cramming a 24 hour hack into 4 turbo charged hours in Harvest Moon Cafe Bar on Thursday 4 December 2014 from 1830.

One brief, two challenges, plenty of local beer, birthday cake and a whole heap of brain cells.

Six Word Memoir inspired us, but can we be that brief about our brief?

“Brevity is the Soul of Lingerie.” ~ Dorothy Parker

"Good for Nothing, hacking for Chester" ~ GFNChester

**Brief brief

**At our Sunny Day gig last May we put our skills and talent into two young enterprises; Bridge Community Farm and Ludicology. Both of these awesome projects were found through friends; one of our biggest challenges over the past year has been to find out about the most exciting young businesses and projects which fit with our values and could do with some GFN love.

So, one of our regular GFNers, Matt, suggested we GFN ourselves, and create a way to make our future hacks even better.

Challenge 1: Source Ventures in around Chester for gigs

Update and create a space on the Good for Nothing site that will enable potential Ventures (young businesses, social enterprises, charities and projects) to submit themselves to the GFN community, via their local chapter.

What questions do we ask to weed out the boring businesses and attract the socially and environmental change makers?

How do we ensure their concept/business is proved and they have defined challenges for us to tackle?

How do we prepare them to hand over their project or business to us, and let go enough, for us to make a difference?

Challenge 2: Create collateral to inspire the talented, skilled and inquisitive of Chester

Good for Nothing Chester chapter wants Ventures to work with, but it also has the potential to get a huge community on board for monthly socials as well as putting our skills to good use at 24 hour and 48 hour hacks.

Can we create better chester-specific GFN collateral? Check out the GFN birds across the globe on twitter.

Can we create a poster/card/t-shirts tangible goods to spread the word about the Chester bird? It needs to inspire a diverse range of people.

We have some great film of the businesses we helped - can we make it Chester specific and turn it into something that can go viral in Chester?

What theme should our 48hour hack take in early March - design assets.

As always, beats and banter a-plenty - and don't forget to bring your #geek gadgets.

Thank you to friends Shortlist Recruitment for generously providing the beer, Harvest Moon Cafe Bar for the venue/wifi and Bikmo for the birthday cake (locally-made, natch).

*Just in case you've got this far and you're still not sure what GFN in a pub is all about. *It's this...packed into 4 hours of a dark December evening...

Thank you to our Friends

  • ShortList.Recruitment
  • Bikmo

Who was there?

  • Michael Murdoch
  • Amy Fox
  • Garry  Charnock
  • Mark
  • Rhiannon Bevan
  • Joanne Walton
  • James Mellor
  • Fran Hoey
  • dave wright
  • Thomas Whitley
  • Lauren Walker
  • Josie Ratter-Evison
  • Geoff Meierhans
  • Mike Griffiths
  • Matt Lewis
  • Vicky Shearn
  • Alison
  • Uná Meehan
  • Holly Ffi