Good for Nothing is about doing good stuff, for nothing, for social enterprises.

Good for Nothing Girls are about doing good stuff, for nothing, for girls who are doing social enterprise stuff. Get it? No? Well how about this: You don't have to be a girl to come along to a gig, we welcome both boys and girls. It's just we choose to support social ventures led by girls. Easy.

Following on from the success of our first 24 hour gig, Play it Forward, “Good for Nothing at Terrace” is our first gig in a pub and we want you to come and get involved.

We have a social venture with a couple of briefs for you to answer in 4 hours (or so). So it’s a great chance to do some good and meet like minded people. Our next 24 hour gig is in June, so this is also a good taster to see what that might be like.

In order to complete the briefs, we have essentials such as flip charts, music, pens, beer & pizza thanks to Melbourne (sustenance) and Photolink (stationary)

So we need you! Can you be there and help our venture? Are you a hacker, thinker, doo-er, designer? Are you a baller? Wish you were a little bit taller? Can you code, draw, plan, manage, write? Do you have computer hacking skills or bowhunting skills? (Maybe not bowhunting skills)

Confused? Good. Sign up. Tell your friends.

You may have guessed already, but it’s in Terrace Bar in Manchester’s Northern Quarter (Thomas Street). We’ve got the upstairs bar, just come up and join us :)

We’ll be there from 6pm. Briefings will be at 6:30pm and we’ll stay until we get chucked out.

Good for Girls: Jo, Bex and Rach are looking forward to seeing you there.

Here’s the brief…

Help Enterprise Stuff Ltd start a Social Enterprise Network for Women


Enterprise Stuff Ltd works to support organisations and individuals make positive stuff happen. From social entrepreneurs to ethical businesses, community organisations to charities we help people grow sustainable solutions that have a positive impact, developing ways of working that place equal importance on people, purpose and profit. We love bringing people together to make the world a better place.

This year Enterprise Stuff is working with 50 women in Manchester on a start-up readiness programme. It’s a learning and co-mentoring programme made of exclusive live and on-line sessions with funders, entrepreneurs and mentors, topped up with learning teleconferences, coaching, access to women investors (angels), other support organisations and a strong peer-to-peer network.

Part of the programme will be 3 meet ups/networking events which will focus on creating a peer-to-peer network that will still remain in place after the 12 month programme is over. The network will become a legacy and something we can open up to the wider social enterprise community.

What help do we need?

We have been to lots of networking events, some good and some very bad. We want to be ace and be able to create something that is of value to the sector, something that’s conformable for all and not intimidating or too fluffy! We also need it to be sustainable, not too resource intensive to put on and not too reliant on funding etc.

We’d love you to provide some ideas on the following:

· Key objectives – what is the networking hoping to achieve?

· A value proposition – why would I come to an event?

· Manifesto/values/guiding principles

· Brand (name/logo)

· Wall posters to promote events

· Social media toolkit

· Mini – presentation – to play at the beginning of events

· Ideas for cool venues/speakers/contributors

· Business / pricing model

Video from our 24 hour gig to whet your appetite...

The Rules of the Game...

A Pretty Picture...

Thank you to our Friends

  • Melbourne Server Hosting
  • Photolink Creative Group

Who was there?

  • ashish
  • Cristian
  • Anna
  • Colin McDermott
  • Alex f
  • Alex Brown
  • Raag Raisinghani
  • Valerie
  • Isobel Heyworth
  • Annette Harkin-Dahl
  • Tom Martin
  • Abigail Perkins
  • Marney
  • Tess Sweeney
  • Frederikke Wulff
  • Mabel Tan
  • Becky
  • rebecka strand
  • Helen Carter
  • sammy
  • Karen Schofield
  • Fay Schofield
  • Helen Power
  • Erika B
  • Kim
  • Nickala Torkington
  • Ruth Rosselson
  • Emma Schofield
  • Gabrielle Iskandar
  • Carla Berzolla
  • Claudia Lewis
  • Rachel Bolton
  • Rebecca Rae
  • Jo McGrath