Good for Nothing Bristol Chapter Launch

June 13th, 2017 18:30 → June 13th, 2017 21:30

Boston Tea Party in Stokes Croft, 156 Cheltenham Rd, Bristol BS6 5RL
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We are so excited to be launching a Good for Nothing Bristol chapter with Boston Tea Party!

This is part of our new partnership with ethical and soulful cafe chain, Boston Tea Party (BTP).

We are on a mission to make Good for Nothing more accessible to more people and support our chapters to flourish, so this partnership means the Bristol chapter will have a physical home in BTP Stokes Croft. This is beyond brilliant, as it enables the ability to host a monthly evening gig with stunning venue and refreshments supplied. It means the ability to organise daytime pop ups in the cafe and it means we can also explore ways for people to do Good for Nothing while they're sipping a flat white. Rad.

All we're missing now is a crack team of local folks to run the chapter, that's where you come in.

Been 'n' gone

This gig's over but check out the calendar for the next one.

BTP started in Bristol 22 years ago and now has 20 thriving cafes in the UK. BTP's initiative 'Making Things Better' is challenging the corporate norm and daring to be different.

In the words of their MD Sam Roberts, part of making things better is to ensure BTP - "has a positive societal impact and uses the talent in our teams and customers to make a real difference in the communities in which we serve” -… enter Good For Nothing.

We're going to explore how a physical cafe space, with its network of customers and the local community can connect to develop a strong Good for Nothing vibe in the city.

For now, we are focussing on four cities - Bath, Bristol, Exeter and Birmingham.

So here's the rub, to make this happen we need *you. *

We're inviting Bristol folks to come and join us for an evening where you will hear how GFN works, then we'll share the different ways to activate the chapter with BTP, then we'll challenge you to design the chapter model you want to launch, the issues and projects you want to support, when you will run gigs and then we'll offer everyone a role in the chapter crew to make it happen.

So in three hours, you'll have designed, formed and launched the Bristol chapter of Good for Nothing in partnership with Boston Tea Party.

We want to bring together existing GFN'ers, new curious folks, local social innovators and change makers, together with BTP team and interested customers and anyone up for gifting some of their creativity to people trying to make beautiful change in the city of Bristol.

It's going to be epic, there'll be drinks, snacks, music and loads of possibility.

So please sign up here to confirm your place.

And if you have a point of view on social and environmental issues in the city that you think need help, or social innovators and change makers doing epic work who need some creative energy then please share them here, we'll be playing these back at the launch.

Spread the word about the bird and see you then.

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Starts at 6.30 pm

Finishes at 9.30 pm

At Boston Tea Party in Stokes Croft, 156 Cheltenham Rd, Bristol BS6 5RL

Thank you to our Friends

  • Boston Tea Party
  • Sunhouse Creative

Who was there?

  • Richard Arnott
  • Angharad Price
  • Lucy Langdon
  • Zoë Moyden
  • NamdiE
  • Victoria Gadsden
  • Bethany
  • Andrew Cook
  • Eriol Fox
  • Elinor Owen
  • Al Kennedy
  • India
  • Melanie King
  • Ethan King
  • Eliza Moreland
  • Eva Fernandes
  • Soph Ross
  • Stephen King
  • Claire
  • Jessica Langton
  • Tamsyn Hawkins
  • Lauren
  • Eve payne
  • Jonny
  • Rachel Hudson
  • Anita Atkins
  • PlayFair
  • Shonette
  • Tom Metcalfe
  • Vic WJ
  • Sam Rawle
  • Katie Smith
  • fran
  • Luna
  • Nicky Black
  • Simon pollard
  • Laura Kidd
  • Daniel Oliver
  • Dan Burgess
  • Ben Hibbard
  • Ed Reed
  • Clare rogers
  • Mora McLagan