Good For Nothing - March

March 23rd, 2019 08:30 → March 23rd, 2019 18:00

WeWork 222 Exhibition Street
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Inviting all Melbourne-based doers, makers and creators to roll up their sleeves up and get stuck into live creative challenges in the areas of UX design, brand awareness, and digital marketing - briefs that can be tackled all in one day.

Places are limited to 50 (and they do fill fast), so we're inviting applications from graphic/UX designers, brand strategists, comms planners, copywriters, bloggers, service designers, front-end developers, business experts, and more. Not sure how you can help? Hit us up at [email protected]

See below for a sneak peak at briefs and come fully prepared for a day full of rewarding action focused work.

There'll be snacks, lunch, and drinks afterwards, plus music, lots of tea and coffee and the opportunity to meet a great bunch of people!

Been 'n' gone

This gig's over but check out the calendar for the next one.

Plastic Paddle is an education outreach and travel project to create awareness, conversation and change around plastic waste issues especially in our water systems.

The brief? Develop a campaign to support Plastic Paddle’s education tour. Our job is to help them tell their story in a way that resonates, creating a brand pack of assets, and a campaign plan with a focus on PR and social content.

The Sunlight Centre provides free face to face counselling for Teens and Adults who are in suicidal or self-harm distress. Being a free service, they constantly need to fundraise to keep their doors open.

The brief? Our job is to help overhaul their social media strategy and content, develop a compelling media kit for enterprise and corporate purposes, and work on a campaign for their annual fundraising art exhibition.

We’re delighted to welcome back Kidsafe, the leading, independent, charitable foundation dedicated to the prevention of unintentional death, injury and associated disability to children in the state.

The brief? Despite a compelling cause, Kidsafe want to scale their story and assistance. The task they’ve set us is to help tell their story in a compelling, emotional way that connects with and enlists the ongoing support of donors.

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Who was there?

  • Terrie
  • Jade
  • Beau Rosenberg
  • Dan Skehill
  • Eric Cheung
  • Sahan Wickramarathna Gunasekara
  • Sharlee Gibb
  • Josh Lee
  • Blair Patterson
  • Milana Momcilovic
  • Manan Rana
  • Casey Glass
  • Erica Tan
  • Jason
  • Nathalie Gil
  • Julian Whitty
  • Meghan Murdoch
  • Jasper Kitschke
  • Ivan Chu
  • Clara
  • Alejandra
  • Sebastian
  • Helena
  • Philippa
  • Jamuna
  • Timothy Edser
  • Smita
  • Janice
  • Daisy Tsen
  • Kira Bayfield
  • Kim Huynh
  • Julia
  • Tushara Rose
  • Laura
  • Claire Radbourne
  • Kapil Bhatia
  • Fei Wang
  • Daniel
  • Katarina Matic
  • Aleesha Callahan
  • Natalie
  • Steve Pell
  • Angelina Lay
  • Thomas Zöldhelyi
  • Kevin Dolan
  • Chris Buchanan
  • Lauren Isaak
  • Shuying
  • Kyle Vermeulen
  • Souha Intani
  • Erin Wallis
  • Benita
  • Andrew Hunting
  • Hania
  • Jo Edwards
  • Behnaz Rostami
  • ben keenan
  • Damien Hashemi
  • Eaon Pritchard
  • Rob Beamish
  • Jonathan Stiglec
  • Sarah Crooke
  • Steph Little
  • reevesy
  • Brigitte Dagg