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We’re back with a big collaborative mothership experiment in creative generosity and we hope you're going to get involved.

9 years ago we brought 3 projects together with a crew of creative misfits under one roof for one day in London and amazing things happened, not least the 9 year adventure that unfolded from that experiment.

The world has changed massively. Not only are the problems we face as a human race more gnarly and widespread than ever, but the ways we can participate, mobilise and create have changed with so many new tools and approaches, helping us self-organise and experiment more creatively. Providing more ways to make it easier to give what you're good at.

9 years ago, it was often all down to who was in the room for the day at GFN, but today not so.

We’re curious about what a self-organising network of skills, talent, influence and energy can make happen today with a shared intention around a specific challenge, a creative generosity experiment that really matters.

So we’re inviting you to participate in this next experiment: Homeful

Been 'n' gone

This gig's over but check out the calendar for the next one.

3 movements. 3 crews. 3 months.

We’re bringing together three grassroots movements which together represent some of the biggest social and environmental issues on our planet today, visible in any city around the world.

Collectively they are trying to make a shift from the bottom up, in how we see or don’t see these issues in our daily lives and culture. They are often working with huge constraints and using passion, creativity, stories and social technologies to punch well above their weight. These are issues which are growing in scale and urgency, and where more creativity is needed to help shift perspectives and awareness.

The Movements

Do Something for Nothing is a movement spearheaded by hairdresser and social activist Josh Coombes who has dedicated his life to getting out on the streets, listening to stories of homelessness and sharing them widely - his movement is growing around the world - how might we find ways to create more attention and positive action to those on our streets with no home?

The World Wide Tribe uses storytelling and on the ground support to share the real stories behind why refugees are on the move, fleeing their homes, busting negative myths and reframing how we see each our fellow humans wherever our homes are on the planet - how might we start to see refugees differently - as people like us who are fleeing their homes from great dangers?

The UK Student Climate Network is mobilising young people and students to pressure government and those in positions of power to act urgently and radically to address the climate crisis through innovative strategy and novel campaigning. The #YouthStrike4Climate movement has mobilised the largest ever youth-led climate justice movement in the history of the UK, attracting over 70,000 young people across February and March. - how might we support the next generation to make meaningful impact on protecting our one and only home - planet earth ?

The Plan

Kicking off on April 24th and over a three month period, we’re inviting you to join a crew and get involved in dreaming up and activating an experiment with potential to help these movements with their missions. This could be anything, local, online, creating content, stunts or something completely different. Each crew will figure out their approach. The Mothership will support you with tools and tricks.

This is about smart accelerated self-organising creativity, radical collaboration, experiments and networks. This is about purpose, fun, generosity and mischief. This is not work.

There are currently 3 ways to participate:

  1. You can do this by joining us in London on 24th April at our place residency partner Ministry, where we will kick off the challenge with short talks from each movement, a rapid immersion into the challenges and how to do Good for Nothing, and then opting into crews and challenges by the end of the evening - (we will also be live streaming the kickoff.)

  2. You can do this by experimenting with your own chapter or city - organising a kick-off session yourself.

  3. Or you can get involved online, joining a remote team. We will be tooling up each crew with slack, whatsapp and other systems to help this experiment roll.

In taking part in this experiment, not only are you contributing positive vibes into the universe, you will learn new stuff, meet new people and discover the transformational energy in doing Good for Nothing.

This experiment will kick off the evening 24th April at our new residency at Ministry in London.

To get involved in the experiment register here with lots more updates to come.

We’re also building a small crack team of misfits at the Mothership to work with us to facilitate this experiment, if you’re interested to get involved drop us a mail at [email protected]

And we need loads of help, so we're open to any generous brands who may want to help support this experiment in a range of ways - please do reach out on [email protected]

Homeful #Rebellionoftheheart #GoodforNothing

Thank you to our Friends

  • Do Something for Nothing
  • The WorldWide Tribe

Who was there?

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  • Willem Prins
  • Isobel Seacombe
  • Tom
  • Ed
  • Kayo
  • al parker
  • Thomas Whitehead
  • Sarah Weeks
  • Ian cartwright
  • Richard Ashton
  • Sara Pittaluga
  • Karen Payne
  • Lynne
  • Susana Caires
  • Katie Berwick
  • Chris Baker
  • Ben
  • Ruth
  • Laura Dempsey
  • Jo Burford
  • Leo
  • Tatiana Owen
  • Blanaid Kenny
  • Dominique Audibert
  • Lene Hille
  • Jessica van Wyk
  • Lewis Martins
  • Anna Leggett
  • Helen
  • Toby Donaldson
  • Gary Fawdrey
  • Abigail Wright
  • Annie Hall
  • Zoe Scaman
  • Jaz O'Hara
  • Melissa Harrison
  • Jon Slack
  • Kat Linger
  • Dan Marsh
  • Olga Szewczyk
  • Tom Rowley
  • anna wanczyk
  • Emily
  • Rebecca Gall
  • Helen James
  • Suyin Du Bois
  • Ross Musgrove
  • Karima Saad
  • Julia Bush
  • Louise Cooper
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  • Abb-d Choudhury
  • Gemma Rawlins
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  • Ellie
  • Kate Boydell
  • Pippa Van Praagh
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