Join us for a turbo-charged weekend of doing, hacking, making and solving, with good music and grub

Join the Good for Nothing Cambridge crew for an amazing weekend at Makespace. We'll be spending 48 hours helping a local venture: Realife Trust. They have an incredible approach and inclusive community. They're also at an interesting transition pointsand could really use your help to jumpstart the next part of their future!

There are over 11 million disabled adults in the UK. 3.91 million of those people have never used the internet. Less than half of disabled adults are in work, compared with more than three-quarters of non-disabled people. Disabled people are also twice as likely to live below the poverty line as everyone else and more likely to experience crime. 22% of disabled people said that attitudes towards them got worse between 2012 and 2013 - all the more remarkable when you consider this is after the most successful Paralympic Games of all time (in our humble opinion). These are just some of the attitudes that disabled people have to face:

  • Four in ten people think of disabled people as less productive than non-disabled people

  • Over three quarters of people think of disabled people as needing to be cared for

  • Remarkably 13% of people think of disabled people as getting in the way some or most of the time

Thankfully it's not all bad news. Local charity Realife Trust is working hard to overcome social and digital exclusion and support disabled people to help themselves and get access to the same opportunities that any of us would wish for. Now you can help too with this very special Good for Nothing 48 hour gig!

[Figures from Scope]

What's Good for Nothing?

It's a bit like a house party, but with people doing stuff rather than getting hammered. We'll have 48 hours to tackle some real-life problems for ou local Cambridge venture.

We've asked them what the biggest challenges they're facing are - now we're bringing people like you together for a weekend to help solve them. We'll be spending a couple of days thinking, sketching, prototyping, writing and building - come and join us!

Who can come?

Anyone can join in, it's free and we won't ask you to make a huge commitment. We need social media gurus, strategists, UX designers, graphic designers, techies, thinkers, crafters, coders and more - if you think you have something to contribute, we need you!

How does it work?

It goes a little something like this:

What will the weekend look like?

  • Friday evening - briefings and drinks: 6pm - 9pm

  • Saturday - making and doing: 9am - 6pm

  • Sunday - making and doing followed by final presentations: 9am - 5pm

Lunch, cakes, snacks, tea, coffee and other drinks will be provided throughout the event.

You don't need to know anyone before you come along - just turn up and team up with people who want to work on the same problem.

Can I help in some other way?

Yes! Good for Nothing events are free for those that attend and for the ventures we help. For that to work we rely on generous and good-looking people like yourself.

Donations of stuff:

Have something to donate to get the weekend going? Food? Drinks? Post its? Hats?

Want to sponsor beers or lunch? Please get in touch @GFNcambridge or [email protected]


If you're unsure how you'd be able to help our two charities directly, don't worry there are plenty of ways to take part in the weekend!

Can you record and edit video? How about DJ-ing or playing some live music? Could you simply offer an extra pair of hands to look after our attendees? If you think you could give up a few hours from 20-22 June, please let us know @GFNcambridge or [email protected]

Our friends

The weekend wouldn't be possible without the help of some amazingly generous people! A massing thank you to ARM, Makespace, Urban Fruit, The You Can Hub, Hot Numbers, Cambridge Street Bakes, The Kandula Tea Company and Tech Soup

Thank you to our Friends

  • ARM
  • Urban Fruit
  • Makespace
  • The Kandula Tea Company
  • Hot Numbers
  • Cambridge Street Bakes

Who was there?

  • Rebecca Champ
  • Guy
  • Matthew Rose
  • Dan Leighton
  • The Pimpette
  • Maria Szephegyi
  • Shashank Srinivasan
  • Sheila
  • Nancy Fahim
  • Steve O'Connor
  • Beatrice Bray
  • Nikiforos
  • Kartik Krishnan
  • Marta
  • Jason King
  • Pauline Roche
  • Flóra Raffai
  • Danny Garden
  • Lou Shackleton
  • Helen Morris
  • Alasdair North
  • Lou Shackleton
  • Mel Findlater