It’s Story(house) Time!

September 23rd, 2016 19:00 → September 24th, 2016 17:00

Festival Church, Queen Street, Chester, CH1 3LG
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Join us on Friday evening and Saturday 23-24 September for the chance to make a cultural difference to Chester by helping Storyhouse.

The story begins. Once upon a time...

Been 'n' gone

This gig's over but check out the calendar for the next one.

Once upon a time... there was an ancient city called Chester. The people of Chester loved their city very much and worked hard to make it a great place to live. But some people despaired: “Our beautiful city has no cinema or theatre!” they cried. What is a city without a cinema or a theatre?

Then one day a hero came to town, and this hero was called Storyhouse. But Storyhouse decided that the city of Chester deserved so much more than just a cinema and a theatre. Storyhouse decided it deserved a full cultural centre complete with Chester's City library.

But that isn’t where the story ends…

Storyhouse is pioneering a new model of an integrated culturaland learning facility by combining the services, resources, networks andexpertise of a library and an arts centre into a combined, multi-functionalspace. This will enable them to house more engaging, immersive, exciting and innovative ways to helppeople to learn, read, explore, research, express themselves, make friends,improve their health and wellbeing, and access IT and technology. All very exciting!

Storyhouse's Community Engagement Programme is being designed to offer everyone access to creative experiences, not just as spectators, but alsoas participants, creators and innovators. It will be open to all and willactively seek to engage economically marginalised and hard-to-reach communitiesand provide engagement opportunities to meet the needs of the borough's diversecommunities at every stage of their lives.

Help us write the next chapter…

Join us on Friday evening and Saturday day 23-24 September at Festival Church on Queen Street where we will endeavour to create and innovate, by answering Storyhouse’s questions:

Question 1

How do we find out what events/services people (potential participants) would like to attend/access at Storyhouse? We want to focus on the requirements of five specific target groups:

  1. Children and Families (4 - 13 years) Young people (14 - 24 years) 3. Adults (25+) 4. Adults with learning disabilities 5. Those in later life

Question 2

How do Storyhouse reach and empower people (potential contributors) to give their time and skills to Storyhouse’s community engagement programme?

Question 3

Storyhouse wants to provide potential participants and contributors – and anyone else - with an easy way to provide them with their thoughts, information and ideas. But something that is different to filling in a form. They want the respondents to be broad and not just those people who already access arts and culture.


Friday 23rd - 7-10pm - Briefing and Q&A session

Saturday 24t: 9am-5pm - Get hacking!

Venue: Festival Church, Queen Street, Chester, CH1 3LG

The deal: You will be fed and watered, we will have music and breakout sessions, chill time, fun and plenty of DOING! Bring laptops, iPads etc. if of use.

Register by selecting your skill above ^^^

More information to follow to those that sign up. And please spread the word about the bird....

Who was there?

  • Alice Rose Elliott
  • James Roberts
  • Kasia
  • Sylvie
  • Lara Portice
  • Nicola haigh
  • Chrissie Hill
  • GaryMartin
  • Hannah
  • Beatrice Delafaille
  • Matt Lewis
  • Ben Iles
  • Emma
  • James Himsworth
  • Simon Pemberton
  • Rachael Driver
  • Jon Dytor
  • Lauren Walker
  • Eric Bowers
  • David Atkinson
  • Jenny
  • Caroline Whitley
  • Vic Dadson
  • christine evans
  • Cate Glover
  • Uná Meehan
  • Holly Ffi