Learning for the Fourth Age

October 24th, 2014 18:00 → October 25th, 2014 19:00

Hugh Aston Building, De Montfort University
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Been 'n' gone

This gig's over but check out the calendar for the next one.

On Saturday 25th October Good for Nothing Leicester is setting out to make a change for good by launching it’s first hack – we’d love to see you there.

Learning for the Fourth Age (L4A) is a multi award winning charity. They provide learning opportunities to older people receiving care. This can be in care settings, such as care homes or nursing homes, or with individuals living in their own homes.

Research shows that learning in the later stages of life can boost confidence, give residents a more positive outlook on life and delay on the onset of dementia. L4A believes that there is a gap in provision of educational and learning services to people who live in care homes and seeks to address this gap.

L4A got in touch with the Good For Nothing Leicester Crew to find out exactly how we could help them grow and ultimately help more people – both in terms of volunteering opportunities and learning outcomes. We discussed the challenges they faced and came up with the main areas we talk about in more detail below.

  • Developing the business model: L4A is looking to develop certain areas of it’s business model – for this they need the business savvy people out there who can contribute ideas and help them craft a way forward. They’ve got some specific ideas they’ll reveal at the hack but definitely needing the thinkers for this one – sound like you?
  • Spreading the message about what they do: There’s a massive group of people who currently benefit from what L4A do, but as always there are loads more people out there who aren’t aware of the service they provide. The task here is to get marketing people to tell the story to the right audiences – interested? More specific information will be revealed at the hack.
  • Adding technology to make things easier: L4A works with a diverse range of people, from the end user to the volunteers that give their time to support the cause and what they are aiming to do. Technology plays a massive part in this and they wanted to explore what might be possible. Have an interest in tech and like to solve problems? Do we have a challenge for you!

For more information and to sign up, visit our website!

Who was there?

  • Lihua Wang
  • Hannah Torrance
  • Avnesh Pandya
  • Sunita Patel