Play it Forward with Good for Girls

November 29th, 2013 18:00 → November 30th, 2013 18:00

Photolink Creative Group, The Old School House, Thirsk Street, M12 6PN
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Been 'n' gone

This gig's over but check out the calendar for the next one.

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Good for Nothing is about doing good stuff, for nothing, for social enterprises.

Good for Nothing Girls are about doing good stuff, for nothing, for girls who are doing social enterprise stuff. Get it? No? Well how about this: You don't have to be a girl to come along to a gig, we welcome both boys and girls. It's just we choose to support social ventures led by girls. Easy.

Play it forward is our first gig and we want you to come and get involved. We'll have 2 or 3 ventures with 2 or 3 briefs for you to complete in 24 hours (or so)

It starts with beer, beats and briefs (creative briefs, not knickers) at Photolink Creative Group in Manchester on Friday. Giving us the whole of Saturday to get creative, shake up our thinking and get some shizzle done for our social enterprises. There will be more beats, (maybe by Dre, maybe not) more food, and importantly, there might be some hacking (we like hacking. We also like brackets)

So we need you! Can you be there and help our ventures? Are you a hacker, thinker, doo-er, designer? Are you a baller? Wish you were a little bit taller? Can you code, draw, plan, manage, write? Do you have computer hacking skills or bowhunting skills? (Maybe not bowhunting skills) Can you not be there but help us in other ways with donations of food, beer, tea or cakes?

Confused? Good. See you there. Tell your friends.

Listen to Baz: Do something everyday that scares you.

PS: Photolink is 5 mins from the station and has parking. Good for Girls are Jo, Bex and Rach. (Jo and Rach will possibly want to actually remove all responsibility for the word knickers being on this page and the massive amount of brackets)

Pause II

Seriously Though...

Step 1: Sign up if you can be there! We need to know so we can get food and drink and make sure we have enough of the right people to complete the tasks.

Step 2: Tell your friends.

Step 3: Attend the briefing on Friday. Get briefed. Drink beer. Meet people. This is at Photolink in Ardwick. 6:30pm-8:30pm. The ventures (aka social enterprises) will be there and will present their creative briefs. There will be 2 ventures with 1-2 briefs each. (See below) We will put up some sheets per venture so you can put your name on them. This should help you organise yourselves into groups.

Step 4: Go home. Have a think. Sleep.

Step 5: Reconviene at Photolink between 9:00 -9:30 am on Saturday. We recommend you bring some supplies, maybe laptops or tablets. We will supply food, drink and a warm working environment.

Step 6: Go! It's up to you to answer these briefs. Work on them all day, call friends, get them involved. Ventures will be here to explain the briefs. You may need to work in smaller teams. This is up to you to decide. We will be providing food, snacks and drinks through the day. There will also be some check ins and a live link up with Rotterdam and Nottingham to see how they're doing.

Step 7: Present the creative solutions to the ventures at around 5:30. be this a new website, a new brand, a set of images, whatever.

Step 8: Go home. But it doesn't have to end here.

Here are the briefs...

Cowherd's - A vegetarian cafe, which will run as a social enterprise, needs help with developing its headline strategy and a brand identity.

Levenshulme Market - An innovative social enterprise market that is creating jobs and regenerating the high street needs a website that reflects its exciting brand.

Scran & Thanks

  • Rach and Jo will be baking cakes. Cakeoff.
  • Trove are kindly providing freshly baked bread.
  • Cowherd's are making kale chips and superfood energy bars
  • Pink Pepper are making us some meat and veggie curry
  • Chilli Marketing are providing beer and cider like a boss
  • Photolink will be letting us help ourselves to the tea and coffee making facilities and awesome venue
  • Melbourne are providing rad website hosting.
  • Paul Haycock will be filming the event (so we can spread the word about the bird and document and whatnot) so he may ask for a chat through the day. he'll also be bringing us some tunes. What a nice chap.
  • Thanks to Simon Mills aka Napoleon for allowing us to use his music on our video edit.

Can you help in any other way? looking for partners, promotion and food and drink donations from companies that are keen to help out the community and be involved with some innovative, creative, inspirational people.

Here's a pretty picture...

Rules of the game

Who was there?

  • Alex Scott
  • Myles O'brien
  • Owain
  • Emily Anderson-Porter
  • Michael Wiggins
  • Helen Middleton
  • Katie Finney
  • maria
  • Hannah Byerley
  • Mahnaz
  • Sarah Gee
  • Felix Mulderrig
  • Alex f
  • Dave Thackeray
  • Sam
  • Jasmine dunning
  • Maciej Latarski
  • Andy Turner
  • Victoria Prosser
  • Karen Schofield
  • Alex Brown
  • Claudia Lewis
  • Hannah Tomlinson
  • Emma Schofield
  • sammy
  • Carla Berzolla
  • christina
  • Helen Power
  • Colin McDermott
  • Christina McDermott
  • Anne Strachan
  • Maja
  • Fay Schofield
  • Lucy
  • Rachel Bolton
  • Rebecca Rae
  • Jo McGrath