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Good for Nothing is about doing good stuff, for nothing, for social enterprises.

Good for Nothing Nottingham is about doing good stuff, for nothing, for social enterprises in Nottingham.

Our first gig / hack / event / 24 hours of awesomeness happened 10 months ago with Marsha Smith of The Super Kitchen and Nicola Hinton of EcoWorks. Here's a couple of blogs that tell the story of what happened.

Because of all of that we decided we wanted to do it all again - and we're super excited to be doing it with Jill Carter of Pulp Friction. Pulp Friction work to raise the positive profile of young adults with learning disabilities. They have three priorities - to encourage independence, enable work readiness and to develop social skills.

Pulp Friction is a smoothie bar project, they provide personal support programmes, they're a choir, an allotment project, they do activity days and social events, they have an ice-cream bike .... and with all of this going on they could really do with some help.

And that's where the briefs come in ...

Pulp Friction have challenged Good For Nothing Nottingham to help them with 3 areas

  1. create the next evolution of their website

  2. develop their business plan

  3. develop their brand identity

Read on for more information about each of these areas and how you could get involved:

*Brief One: How could we create the next evolution of the pulp friction website? So that: *

  • it’s easy for users to navigate

  • it communicates key messages

  • it’s engaging

We think this will involve a team…..

*- *reviewing the current website looking at content, design,navigation, user experience, interactivity, SEO

  • developing a set of recommendations that can be presented to PulpFriction during the day (one of these recommendations should probably includeintegrating the new logo!)

  • implementing changes (on the day) which are agreed with Pulp Friction

  • capturing future enhancements to the website which can beconsidered by Pulp Friction after the day** **

Type of people we think we need: Website designers, web developers, UX specialists, SEO specialists (we're open to suggestions on who else!)

Brief Two: How might we help Pulp Friction develop their business plan?** So that:**

  • it can be used to secure further investment

  • it can be used to share the story of pulp friction with the public


***We think this will involve a team…..*

  • reviewing the existing business plan and chatting with PulpFritction

  • developing ideas and strategies which integrate the various projects included in Pulp Friction

  • documenting the business plan – it should capture the journey to date, future plans and any other considerations

  • create a version of the business plan which is customer facing


***Type of people we think we need:* Strategists, planners, designers (we're open to suggestions on who else!)


*Brief Three: *How could we help Pulp Friction develop their brand identity? So that **

  • it’s flexible and adaptable across all of the products and services Pulp Friction offer

  • it reflects the Pulp Friction mission, ambition and values

  • it encourages volunteer recruitment


****We think this will involve a team…

  • **figuring out how to integrate the new logo · creating a killer strap line - creating brand guidelines

  • creating a marketing plan for the next 12 months (include social media channels) to help raise the profile of Pulp Fritction – who they are,what they do, how you can help etc

  • creating a set of resources which Pulp Friction can used for promotional activities**

*Type of people we think we need:* Brand specialists, comms specialists,marketeers, social media folk, designers, bloggers (we're open to suggestions on who else!)

So if you enjoy working collaboratively and creatively; if you like the buzz of working at a pace; if you like making stuff happen and you're quite partial to a smoothie and an ice-cream then we think you're good for nothing. And we think you should sign up.

Need to know a bit more? Take a look at this:

We'll be providing further information via here and via twitter so keep an eye out for updates.

And whilst you're waiting for that -

  1. sign up

  2. tell your friends

  3. tell your family

  4. and if your great aunt Vera makes a mean carrot cake then you know what to do

Who was there?

  • Daniel Melrose
  • Patricio
  • Paul Moran
  • Toby Griffiths
  • Saziso
  • Peter kay
  • Sarah Jones
  • Ian Bartlett
  • Lamar Francois
  • Bridget Aherne
  • Lisa Hilliard
  • Sarah King