Reclaiming The River - The Sequel

August 18th, 2016 18:00 → August 18th, 2016 22:00

The Moorings, 23 The Groves, Chester, CH11SD
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Be a part of local history… 300 years in the making! On June 16 a group of thinkers and doers got together to see if they could help a piece of Chester’s history come alive. Now it’s time to make it happen...

Been 'n' gone

This gig's over but check out the calendar for the next one.

The Groves, the promenade along the River Dee, was declared a public space 300 years ago this year. To celebrate this tricentenary, actors, musicians, artists, businesses and organisers from all over Chester are going to put on a 3 day spectacular celebration.

But before that can happen we need to make sure people from in and around the area are aware of this fantastic place and all it has to offer, and ensure it’s legacy for years to come!

Your challenge should you choose to accept it…

At our last gig 'The Groves: Reclaiming the River', a group of fabulous GFNers came up with some fantastic ideas to push The Groves’ legacy beyond this festival, embracing the riverside community and into the every day lives of locals and tourists...

The next step is to put some of these ideas in to action by:

Developing a brand, look and identity for the riverside that builds on anniversary celebration

Creating an online resource hub that will bring offline online, and visa-versa... Information and interaction in one digital space!

What’s in it for you? Beer. Pizza. Fun times. A life-long sense of wonder and good karma that you had a hand in reviving a piece of history and creating fun, joy and happiness for generations to come. Something to tell the grandkids!

Spaces are limited to 30 on this one - so if you fit the bill, register now!

Who was there?

  • Mark
  • Hannah
  • Al Jones
  • David Boland
  • James Roberts
  • Adam
  • Steven Morris
  • Dava Gordon
  • Will Kilgallon
  • James Mellor
  • Alison
  • kate northcott spall
  • Rhiannon Bevan
  • Thomas Whitley
  • Nicola haigh
  • David Atkinson
  • Rebecca Mead
  • Nick Hodson
  • Carla Fallows
  • Andrea
  • Uná Meehan
  • Holly Ffi