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*CHANGED TO The Kitchen restaurant in Storyhouse, CH1 2AR *
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When local councillor Richard Beacham went to Murmurations 2017, he heard our founder, Dan Burgess, wax lyrical about GFN Chester and our relentless ambition to #makechester a wholesome, sustainable, happy and green place.

Richard had a chat with MP Chris Matheson, and together they approached us a few months ago to tell us all about a cunning plan; to support the wonderful array of independent local eateries, who were suffering for a multitude of reasons and have formed a working foodies group, looking for help.

We all agreed it was a hack in the making. So let's lay it out for you - keep scrolling to read The Problem, The Question, and The Deal. If you fancy being part of the hack, please register your fabulous attendance.

Been 'n' gone

This gig's over but check out the calendar for the next one.

The problem!

The growth of out of town shopping means less people are coming into our city. Business rates are set by central government and are at an all-time high. There is a heavy reliance for city centre businesses on the passing tourism trade. The ‘Chester Dining Quarter’ comprises the restaurants on Pepper Street, between the amphitheatre and the cross roads at the end of Bridge Street, which are mostly chain restaurants. The name ‘ Chester Dining Quarter’ rolls off the tongue as an easy ‘destination’ for potential enquiring customers looking for food and drink, and its promotion has perhaps encouraged tourists to ‘stick with what they know’ and head for the big brands.

Our independent eateries are low on resources and are suffering...

? The GREAT BIG FOODIE question ?

Taking all of these challenges into account (and there are probably more we've not thought of), how could we get people to ‘take the risk’ of an ‘unknown’ eatery, and spend their hard earned money at the fantastic range of independent restaurants we have in Chester?

We know you will generate a multitude of brilliant ideas at this brainstorming hack and loads of whackier suggestions and plans we wouldn't be able to concoct without you!

The (meal) deal:

Help your local indie foodie places by hacking this ultra-important question. Care and share your knowledge. Together we will come up with some wonderful and whacky answers to a particularly tricky question, which will be taken forwards by Chris, Richard and the foodies group.

NEW VENUE: The Kitchen restaurant in Storyhouse, Monday 16 July from 6pm (sharp) – 10:30pm (ish). Snacks and beer and coffee will keep you FUELLED - thanks to Storyhouse for helping us out last minute and at reduced rates!

REGISTER YOUR ATTENDENCE BEFORE WE RUN OUT OF SPACES! [click the 'Are you attending' button up there ^^^]

x Love, your GFN Chester Crew x

Who was there?

  • Justine Dench
  • Kathy Jones Brady
  • Andrew
  • Liam
  • Kasia
  • Ruth P
  • Galina Georgieva
  • Hannah
  • Mark
  • Valerie de Liedekerke
  • Lindsay
  • Sarah Pegg
  • James Mellor
  • stewart macfarlane
  • Rhiannon-Jane Raftery
  • junkbox
  • David Mitchell
  • Alison
  • Jon Dytor
  • Tim Chan
  • SuperTrees Steve
  • Clare Owens
  • Dale
  • Lisa Lord
  • Emma Parry
  • Melissa
  • Rob Winkler
  • Jon Mason
  • Nigel Paramor
  • Matt Lewis
  • Thomas Whitley
  • Dave Livesey
  • Gemma Leigh Glover
  • Rhiannon Bevan
  • Uná Meehan
  • Holly Ffi