The Winter of Disco-Tent: GFN Winchester's first hack-sprint

March 18th, 2023 10:00 → March 18th, 2023 18:00

Thursday Studio, Linkedin Floor 4 Cromwell House 15 Andover Road Winchester SO23 7BT
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Connecting Winchester (a holding name for the project) are an alliance of local stakeholders who have come together to reimagine what Winchester could look like if it were to prioritise pedestrians, cycles and public transport over private vehicles.

To help, we're going to be hosting a 1 day sprint-hackathon type event on Saturday 18th March where we'll be working on creative ideas to re-imagine and regenerate the centre of Winchester - bringing to life a vision and a campaign.

Specifically, we're looking to get a diverse mix of people with the skills to:

Reimagine road space throughout the city with a series of visualisations, animations and possibly 3D experiences - a new vision of the city centre

Create engaging and imaginative stories about different personas travelling in and around Winchester before and after transformation.

Design a brand and associated name that will captivate the people of Winchester behind this vision

Develop a strategy for making the campaign as successful as possible, measured by the number of people that support its goals.

If that sounds interesting to you, please sign-up and spread the word about the bird by inviting anyone you know who you think might be up for it too. The lovely team at Thursday studio will be hosting us and the more, the merrier.

More details on the brief to follow!

Been 'n' gone

This gig's over but check out the calendar for the next one.

More details on the brief to follow after our kick-off gathering on Feb 8th!

Who was there?

  • Ross
  • Oliver Moore
  • Seb Villien
  • Judith Martin
  • Will Adeney
  • Christine Holloway
  • Stacey Burr
  • Jamie
  • Zosia
  • Eva
  • Vicky
  • Tony Rogers
  • Andy Stoker
  • James Barker
  • lucy
  • Sarah Bradbury
  • Rob Game
  • Joseph Lindo-Davies
  • Jolyon Nott
  • Emily Monsell-Holden
  • Lucy Taylor
  • Tom Farrand