Adam Becker

I guess I kind of covered it in my skills and interests piece, but to summarise - I really care about people and believe strongly in giving of myself for others, both 1:1 and in more of a group setting.


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Journeying with people is my thing. I have a bit of a counselling and youth work background (although my career has actually been in IT) and am presently studying psychology. I love to interact and learn what matters to people, hear about what they're struggling with, and see whether I can coach them through their difficulties, or even lend a hand to help them out myself. I describe myself as a social introvert. I'm never the life of the party, but I do really enjoy being around other people. I love to cook and to eat, and have recently at the ripe age of 39, worked out how to take care of my health as well! In terms of other skills, I have spent the past decade in management roles, so I also have a bent towards people leadership - both in terms of working with teams to get things done, but also coaching and mentoring people to help them develop and be their best.

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