Adri Angotti


Each of us is smart, healthy, well fed, with a roof above our heads - sitting in front a a computer with the willingness to help. I believe it's simply our duty to give - as we have already received so much.


New York member


Adri's 'getting stuff done' manifesto

  • Think
  • Design
  • Play
  • Do
  • Write
  • Connect
  • Make
  • Film

Here's where I can help:

I'm a Creative Director in Advertising.
I'm expert in strategizing and creating bulls-eye concepts and potent advertising campaigns (ads, posters, banner campaigns, headlines, taglines and things that don't exist yet) with ONE SOLE PURPOSE: to sell ideas to specific audiences. I'm highly skilled at that. and have an impeccable track record:

I also teach courses on Sex & Quantum Physics - where, through the lenses of Quantum Physics, Neuroscience, Metaphisics & Bioenergetics we go beyond what our culture would like us to know about Sexual Energy - for Sustainable Mental, Emotional & Physical Health + Sustainable Wellbeing. Here:

Part of the movement for 8 years

May 2016