Andrea Ku

I love the idea of exchanging skills or knowledge for something I am interested in learning about. I see it as a kind of CPD which is more interactive and personal where both people can ask specific questions. I suppose, sort of like a bespoke 1-1 learning service.


Liverpool member


Andrea's 'getting stuff done' manifesto

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Knowledge about urban biodiversity and with this experience in passing this information on to different people so they understand environmental issues that affect us in the urban area for example the importance of urban biodiversity, and how to preserve, conserve or make plans to enhance its existence and function in the the city. I run citizen science projects, teach beekeeping, grow and harvest food, design and build for biodiversity including gardens, community projects such as allotments and wildlife spaces.
My interests are combined with my talents, that is, I use what I know and how I do things so this includes photography, drawing, writing, creating functional habitats for wildlife, reading, films and learning new stuff!
I row (boat type, not argue!) for Mersey Rowing Club and compete regularly at regattas and heads. I get about by cycling and walking and often go mountain and hill climbing. I also play tennis for Mersey Bowmen in Liverpool and Northern Aces in Manchester.
I love to try out new things whether that be talking about new ideas, trying out new sports, listening to new music, meeting new people or going to different places.

Part of the movement for 10 years