Benita Matofska


I'm the Founder and Chief Sharer of The People Who Share. We're on a mission to build a Sharing Economy by bringing a new era of sharing to the world through events called Crowdshare and an online portal that will bring together sharers and collaborators working in different areas. From car sharing and peer2peer rental, to time banking, swap trading, Collaborative Consumption and free cycling; we believe the way to build sustainable strong communities and save the planet is by sharing resources, skills, goods, services, knowledge and ideas.

United Kingdom member

Benita's 'getting stuff done' manifesto

We are experts in communications, sharing and collaboration. I worked in broadcasting for 20 years, launched 2 production companies, one in the US and the UK and led a global entrepreneurship campaign in 100 countries to inspire and equip young people to be entrepreneurial. I'm a motivational speaker, social entrepreneur and social passionate campaigner.

Part of the movement for 11 years

January 2013