Catherine Murphy

Two reasons really. I love to help people generally and I can see that using my skills/knowledge is a really constructive way of making a difference. I love to work with great people who have interests and passions that drive them. Teamwork with motivated people is inspiring and it excites me to think i can be part of doing something great together.


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Catherine's 'getting stuff done' manifesto

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I have a lot of marketing experience and have been improving my understanding of digtial marketing over the last five years or so.
I can use lots of CMS's and software packages but can't code.
I think I'm quite good at getting clear on objectives and strategy so that a good plan will arise.
I have worked with many media companies so understand how they tick and where the opportunities are.
I've worked on several Ecom projects now so understand what needs to happen to get success. I've just completed the Post grad in Internet Retailing from Econsultancy to help me do better work.
I'm interested in issues around health, food, food waste and young people. I work with girlsoutloud - a social enterprise aimed at giving positive role models to teen girls. I have a personal interest in reinventing recipes to make them more healthy - this is taking me on a journey into raw chocolate, smoothies and raw deserts. Still learning but its a very tasty journey! I'd love to share some of this to help others get clued up about nutrition.

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September 2014

  • Attended the Gig 2.5 gig in Good for Nothing Girls on Friday 19th