Chris Ballard

Because I love doing good, for nothing! I've co-founded and worked with a few social enterprises. My company, We Are Hive, advise startups and corporates on disruptive product and service strategy. I have a lot of commercial experience and a strong interest in creating a new, more balanced and sustainable economy. I want to find ways of taking power away from the powerful and empowering the powerless through creative social engineering.


London member


Chris's 'getting stuff done' manifesto

  • Think
  • Design
  • Play
  • Do
  • Connect
  • Make

Commercial skills - I used to work in the City and I'm now Commercial Director for a design agency
Outdoor skills - I used to be an Expedition Leader
Creative skills - I'm a Director for a major agency; handle everything from strategy through to new business
Ideas - I've started a couple of businesses, and am constantly generating new and quirky ideas.
Lots more - let's talk!

Part of the movement for 2 years

April 2019

  • Attended the Homeful gig in London on Wednesday 24th