Daniel Bigler


Build, make, DESTROY! (Hey, it's cathartic.)


Spokane, WA member


Daniel's 'getting stuff done' manifesto

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I'm a former preschool teacher (and, wayyyy before that, a preschooler); part-time graphic designer; writer of random things (including, but not limited to, a wildly successful email newsletter [note: its success is entirely not attributable to me], an opera about dinosaurs, and an ongoing blog called Danielsaurus.com); playworker; and a few other things I've since forgotten about.

I currently teach full-time in the Children's & Childhood Studies department at Eastern Washington University, and usually end up thinking about everything way too much (it's an unfortunate part of the job). Aside from that, I like to pretend to know how to code in HTML/CSS and Obj-C (though I frequently break more things than I fix), and I'm also helping get a local community space for kids off the ground, which will help them take over the world with their awesomeness.

I also like walks on the beach.

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