Eloise Liley

I want to make a change in our culture. I want to address real problems that have real benefits. And on a selfish level I want to do more things/ acts that are worthwhile than re-branding a brand or consumer product ;)



Eloise's 'getting stuff done' manifesto

  • Think
  • Play
  • Do
  • Connect

I am a mid level Strategic Planner who has worked on big businesses like Ford, Kraft/ Mondelez, Mattel, Government bodies and NFP's. Except there is a big problem with this. My true passions lie in people, small businesses and community, sociological cultural development. Studying people is what I like to do best and I am dead set on changing culture to recognise and address real problems for the better.

Skills include:
I study people - especially Australian sub-cultures
I help brands become better brands that people can like-(Branding strategy, Marketing Planning, product development)
I am a thinker- mostly about the new Australia that is emerging. one that is progressive, open minded and optimistic. I also think about farming and produce, mostly about ways to to buck the supermarket duopoly to the advantage of local, honest growers and providers. And lastly, I think a lot about how traditional education systems do not adequately teach other forms of intelligence and as a result often fail prepare us for a fulfilling and diverse life.

I would have a self sustaining vegetable garden if I wasn't currently living with my in-laws and saving every penny.

Part of the movement for 6 years