Emma Baines

Community based work is my passion.. simple as that!


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Emma's 'getting stuff done' manifesto

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I'm the artistic director of www.findyourvoice.org.uk and cross the length and breadth of the country, teaching singing and performing arts to schools, community and youth groups nationwide

As an experienced youth leader and singing teacher, I'm passionate about making singing and arts a part of everyones every-day life.
Emma previously worked as vocal and creative director for a number of large national theatre schools, and her mission is to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy singing in a supportive and sustainable environment.
Having worked with young performers in venues such as The Royal Albert Hall and The London Palladium, Emma has created classes and choirs where quality of performance and the performers' enjoyment go hand in hand.
Emma believes that singing tells our history, builds communities, starts
revolutions, places the displaced, teaches discipline and gives us our role models of the future.
Having spent her days helping schools Find Their Voice Emma has in depth knowledge of genres and styles, and will work with you to create a tailor made course, event or bespoke singing strategy that sets your music provision apart from the rest.

Part of the movement for 9 years