Emma McQuillan


Manifold, but in order of importance... - I strive to be a good person - not a great marketer - and want to use my *powers* for social good. Social justice, compassion for others and respect for our environment are at the heart of my being. - A very lovely pal and inspirational thinker (James Hogwood) loved his first Good For Nothing challenge and recommended we give it a go! - The briefs are exciting, I want to get my hands dirty and see the results - I'm fed up of big thinking and theory which doesn't translate into *doing*. - "No egos" is music to my ears - I want to work with agility and as collaboratively as possible in teams with mixed experiences, from all disciplines and viewpoints.

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Emma's 'getting stuff done' manifesto

An open and enquiring mind teamed with a deep understanding of digital possibilities and audience-led planning. Hands on expertise through social, search, UX/UCD, media planning, web development and digital content planning. Experience gained in charity and commercial industry. I'm yet to blog with any kind of relevance. I may have written this under the influence of chocolate cake.

Part of the movement for 12 years