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The digital world can be a scary place, but it can also be the key to unlocking the potential for so many different types of organisations, businesses, communities and people. Now I’m no kind of social media ninja/guru/wizard/fictional word which means nothing, but I do know my way around the web (a bit) and I have the odd good idea from time to time. So here I am. Wanting to give back. Wanting to do something with meaning. Wanting to finish at the end of the day and think “yeah I did good today”. So hit me up and let’s start doing Good For Nothing.


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I'm an animal mad, caffeine driven Social Media Manager for a digital marketing agency in Manchester.

I love the web and the power it can lend to organisations, communities and people. I've worked in the charity sector before so know how important it is to get your message out there, but also have people supporting you along the way.

My specialities include: digital engagement and interaction, online community management, content strategy and integration, brand strategy, social media management/monitoring, social media strategy and SEO integration.

I feel like I've got the skills (and some insight!) in helping people in a different way via social media and the web!

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September 2014

  • Attended the Gig 2.5 gig in Good for Nothing Girls on Friday 19th

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