There's a never ending list of challenges that the world faces and I want to help provide the solutions. I'd like to become part of a network of likeminded people with various skills who share a passion for positive development.


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George's 'getting stuff done' manifesto

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I have experience running a community project in the form of a bicycle workshop. I'm a quick learner and am good at absorbing a lot of information. I have moderate coding skills in several languages and including web development, and good mechanical skills, though slightly lacking in electronics. I have good project management from my PhD, including managing teams of students. I also play some music.

I'm interested in social and technological solutions to global issues. I care about equality and the environment. I'm interested in the role of social enterprises in this context. Current issues on my radar include workers' rights and environmental degradation driven by consumerism.

Part of the movement for 9 years

October 2014

  • Attended a social in London on Thursday 30th