Guy White


I was that (hopefully) wasted talent stuck in a toxic big box flogging shampoo and razors. Although it had a purpose I yearned to break free, which Ive just done. Maybe its because I'm riding it but it feels that there is a big wave building of GenY'ers and Millenials really fed up with the way business is done plus an increasing demand for openness and collaboration over competition (or at least a healthy balance between the 2) and a desire to use skills and business to do good. Which is kinda what Good for Nothing sounds like. Plus I'm sure there are some fantasticly, wonderfully, ─▒nterestingly brilliant people to meet. All of which I am up for.

Switzerland member

Guy's 'getting stuff done' manifesto

10 years of Procter and Gamble taught marketing International Brand Building experience across developed and developing countries including successful brand launches, award winning communication campaigns, business strategy, country turnarounds and whitespace developments A big network of agencies, distributors and FMCG customers A qualification in Bus─▒ness Coaching (EMCC Senior Practioner) A facination and background in Marketing Innovation and bold business strategy development A Management Accounting qualification (CIMA) An long experience in training courses and facilitation A moderately good level of rugby and some excellent drinking games

Part of the movement for 11 years